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Ash Wednesday 2024: Lent

Bob from Chimdale
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United States
02/14/2024 02:56 PM

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Ash Wednesday 2024: Lent
Things I won't be doing this lent:

I won't be doing drugs.

I won't be smoking pot, hash, hash oil, fifty-fifties...

I won't be doing cocaine or smoking crack...


I won't be doing acid, mescaline, magic mushrooms...

I won't be smoking opium or doing codeine, oxycodone, oxycontin, or vicodin...

I won't be popping valium...

I won't be huffing starting fluid or inhaling nitrous...

In fact I won't be buying OR SELLING any drugs!

I won't be drinking, so I won't be drinking as I often do -- guzzling vodka cocktails until I pass out or black out...

I won't be having any one night stands. I won't be having casual sex with a "friend"...

I won't be calling up call girls, cruising for hookers, visiting bordellos or happy ending massage parlors...

I won't be doing these things not because it's Lent, but because I don't want to do these things any more.

I'm 58. It's been a long row to ho...er... uh...hoe.

Oh, yeah, I will give up a few other things for Lent probably, but the permanent changes are more important.

For example, I'm trying to quit smoking again. Just over a week again. Wish me luck.

Things I will give up just for Lent: sweets and chess.

I won't probably do the half fasting thing but I may cut back on eating a little. I'm not that gung-ho. I was no altar boy.

I was a Catechism drop-out.


Those of you that go that way...

What things do you do or will you do to prepare for Easter/Resurrection Sunday?

Been taking a free online course from Hillsdale College on Early Christianity to try to begin to re-focus and turn away from more worldly concerns to the Paschal Mystery.

Ok, I know I'll take some shit now from the anti-religious and from "Christian" Catholic-haters. It's ok.

I used to be kinda anti-religious myself. Still am in some ways. I understand. Get it out, I guess.