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Subject The Ultimate Truth - Lynn Marzulli - Nephilim, Prophecy & Paranormal
Poster Handle Divine Seven
Post Content
Author Lynn Marzulli discusses his Nephilim Triology, His Latest Book "Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural" and Recent Developments in the Middle East and Elsewhere.

Topics Discussed: UFO Sighting in 1962 as a Boy Scout, Phoenix Lights, The Mayor and the Alien Costume, Paul Hellyer Former Canadian Prime Minister Bases on Moon, UFO Sighting, Background story on the Fatima Apparition, The Luciferian Dialectic, Mount Hermon 33 Degrees and the Roswell Crash, Rebuilding of Babylon, Hashemite, The Ottoman Empire, King of Jordan as the Antichrist? The Rebuild of a Temple on the Temple Mount, Paul O'Neil: Bush Sought Way To Invade Iraq 8 months before 9/11, Plan or Prophecy, The Occupants of UFO's, ET or Fallen Angels? The US is rebuilding Babylon, Mount Hermon, the Grey Aliens as Bioengineered Robots, Clone Suits, Possession and much more. Don't miss our Subscriber Interview with Lynn on Fatima, Psychotronic Weapons, The Shroud of Turin and the Merovingian Heresy.

[link to www.disclose.tv]
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