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Advice for allergy sufferers

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08/04/2008 10:06 PM
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Advice for allergy sufferers
For any one who has allergies and can't find a working medication, this one isn't really a secret but I saw amazing results by trying it.

I gave up drinking milk. That's it. After a week I wasn't nearly as congested and an over the counter allergy pill would actually work on me. After a month I don't even need allergy pills. 15 years of bad allergies from May to September, severely hampering my summers, I don't have allergies anymore.

One bowl of ice cream or a mocha frap and my nose is running just like old times. Just some food for thought for people who have frequent sinus problems or allergies.
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08/04/2008 10:21 PM
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Re: Advice for allergy sufferers
Very true. I was amazed at the difference when I stopped dairy products.

Also learn to use a nettie pot if allergies are due to seasonal plants pollen and such.
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