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Message Subject Thinking About Survival Kits...
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
Did you ever read Lucifer's Hammer by Niven & Pournelle?

The comet impact date was known, still the JPL Lab guys went into work. Only the dumb janitor character came with his family and a packed-up station wagon, and was parked facing out and ready to go. Ready-To-Go... With a Kit you have some readiness and tools to do what you must to be warm, dry, hydrated, fed, and secure.

So, as tensions seem to be ratcheting up with the russians, what have you got ready to go? Do you have a daypack or extra briefcase, laptop bag or extra big Coach or Luis Vuiton bag to stash in your car or under your desk at work? Can you have a firearm on the premises so you're not holding only the bag if you need to defend yourself or give an attacker pause?

Maybe you keep a pair of lightweight hiking boots and some merino wool socks in the trunk, so you don't have to hoof it for several miles in your Italian showboating shoes? No maybe about it, if you are in a position where you must find alternate mode of transport home, decent walking shoes and a kit will be a real morale builder and might save your life!

If yours is a family situation, do you have a plan to follow to meet up with all family members at a selected spot? Does everyone KNOW The Plan, backwards and forwards? Have you actually had a dry-run through and seen if it is flawed or practical?

If shit happens and there is a bug-out indicated, once you're all together; do you have a couple of possible routes out of town? Do you have mapped out routes for reference? Have you driven the routes to see that the streets aren't torn up with construction? Does your route include travel through "bad" neighborhoods? Maybe you need to rethink your routes?
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