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Message Subject Thinking About Survival Kits...
Poster Handle malu
Post Content
i was going to post a thread on this, but at least this is getting me to get my thoughts in order, somewhat

i have been thinking about a way to cook healthy foods on the go, with little fuel, fairly convenient, and cheap

so i have been experimenting with this unique little stove i have, many others that are probably nicer and use more fuels, but this is mine:

[link to www.jetboil.com]

it is like cooking with a volcano, i have been very pleased

now, for a fresh water source, i have been using a MSR water filter:

[link to www.vtarmynavy.com]

again, i am sure their are better, but this is what i have

ok, the last item, this is the somewhat novel idea:

a stanley thermos, basically:

[link to www.stanley-pmi.com]

if you google thermos cooking, there are tons of ideas out there, so i am obviously no genius, but i thought this would be a great way to get hot nutrition on the go, yes there is weight, but if anyone can improve on this idea, i am all ears

[link to www.associatedcontent.com]

this has been my strategy latey for my PERSONAL BOB and Plan Z. I recently bought two SS thermos for this.

One with a wide mouth for food and one for coffee/tea/hotwater.

My expectations is I may ONLY get one chance per day/24 hour period to heat water for food ( mountain house or rice ) and I have the thermos for keeping made food hot and some hot water for more food or coffee.

I have a small multifuel stove, pot to heat water, small grate for campfire heating, and the thermos bottles.

I think I paid 29 to 35 at Target. Stainless Steel and unbreakeable...

You can also cook rice, by pouring boiling water in on rice and sealing it . Wait a few hours and you have rice.

same for soup or other foods.

 Quoting: Enigma

exactly what i have been thinking, mre's suck and are not good for you, freeze dried is way out of my price range, but dried beans, rice, oatmeal is not. add some dried fruit or veggies and you can have a complete hot meal in a thermos. once the cold weather sets in here, a hot meal is a huge advantage

walmart has some pretty good deals on them too, i want to get several sets
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