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Message Subject Thinking About Survival Kits...
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
The wide-mouth Stanleys may lose too much heat for cooking, but they are decent for keeping bulky food halfway warm.

I used to backpack solo. Mountainhouse meals were too bulky. I took Lipton powdered soups, Malt-o-Meal, Granola, raisins, almonds, instant mashed potatoes, gravy packet, freeze dried green beans and green peas, and used Rich-Moor Meat & Bacon bars to make a stew. Powdered milk, honey, bit of cooking oil or melted butter, Gatorade packets to mix in nalgene bottle. Inst coffee and tea bags. Couple of nesting pots and a hikers cup and a couple of spoons and I was set!

Lots of ziploc bags keep everything organized.

In a Kit, I might just put some jerky, instant tea, a few Snickers or trail bars and some nuts, plus hard candies.

I have read about pre-soaking rice and beans for hours ahead of time, in ziploc kept in backpack, so your wholefoods will cook faster when you stop for the day. Jerky will rehydrate, same with any dried fruits or other dehydrated foods.

What are the essential capabilities you need?
Purifying water to drink,
Making fire to cook and warm by,
Gear to cook with,
Staying dry,
Observation (optics like monocular, binos, spotting scope),
Maps and Compass,
Comfortable sleeping gear,
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