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Message Subject Thinking About Survival Kits...
Poster Handle Duncan Kunz
Post Content
Well, my pocket kit conprises a cell phone, a couple of credit cards, a leatherman tool and a pair of glasses with lenses that can be combined to start a fire.

My car kit includes three or four bottles of water, an e-Trex GPS, a camera, a toolbox with the usual complement of emergency car-fix stuff including duct tape, a small first aid kit, and two flashlights, including a 4-cell MagLite; but I do not have a Taurus Model 65 revolver.

Since I live only about an hour from where I want to be if things start to get silly, my "bug-out kit" is the stuff from my car-kit plus three gallons or more of water, a couple of change of clothes, some snack-bars. My wife and daughter have some quick-change stuff, but they do not have Taurus Model 65 revolvers either, nor do we have a Mossberg 500 shotgun.

My son does not live at home, so I am not sure what he has.
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