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Message Subject Thinking About Survival Kits...
Poster Handle Evil Twin
Post Content
I keep an emergency kit in my truck, but it's for getting home, not bugging out. I'll be bugging in.

Jumper cables
Tow strap
tire chains
assortment of wrenches and sockets
entrenching tool
pantyhose (emergency fan belt)
A few lengths of 12 and 16 gauge wire and assorted crimp connectors
Wire strippers/crimpers
Razor knife
hydraulic bottle jack
10x12 tarp
75' 3/8" poly rope

and in a backpack, in case I must walk

6 Powerbars
1 lb beef jerky
Katadyn Hiker water filter
Nalgene bottle
Iodine tablets for water purification
bug repellant
spare socks and t-shirt
spare tennis shoes
light jacket
Leatherman multi tool
roll of fishing line and assorted tackle
9 hour candle
space blanket
rain poncho
pencil and paper
bic lighters
magnesium fire starter kit
small mirror
fixed blade skinning knife and scabbard
more paracord
deck of cards
.45 w/ holster and 3 loaded magazines
$100 cash in small bills
12V rechargeable pocket am/fm/ weather band radio
extra 50 round box of ammo

looks pretty much what i carry, plus a bike and kayak , extra backpacks, shovels, axe, machete, extra first aid, spotlights, no guns of course, i'm with duncan on this, they are just far too dangerous
 Quoting: malu

Yeah, that was me malu. I forgot to list the first-aid stuff.
I have 3 bikes now(good to have a brother that runs the biggest bike shop in the state :)), and a kayak, but don't usually carry them around...
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