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Message Subject Thinking About Survival Kits...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hey Malu,

Getting your wood in yet? I am doing some timbering these days. Speaking of compact cookers, have you ever seen Kurt Saxon's overnite method of cooking Wheatberries in a Stanley Thermos? Boiling water and 1/2 cup (I think) wheat and let stand overnite and in the AM you have hot cereal, at about .25cents to make. How about a coffee can cookstove? Add a little bailing wire to one that will stack and you have a kettle.

Survival gear in my pockets? Swiss Army Knife, supertinker, and a bic or zippo lighter, sometimes a .45auto in my back pocket or waist band. Usually have rain gear around.

There was a thread years ago in the hood's woods hoodlums forum about survival kits that fit in an Altoids can, something small enough to always have with you. Survival.com should give you a link to the forum. Lots of interesting discussion and opinionated guys.

What am I trying to survive? Never know! Gotta Be Prepared!
 Quoting: Lester

I've never tried Kurt's cooked wheat meal. I might try a multi-grain meal.

Rocket stove's are the way to go for field-expedient stoves.

I've seen small tin survival kits at either WallyWorld or Academy.

What's a 'supertinker?'

I keep a Leatherman tool, Bic lighter, Minimag flashlight, extra pocketknife, pen, change, emergency cash, emergency whistle, S&W kubaton key, P-38 can opener, cellphone, spare cellphone, and pepper spray on my person. Other things are added as needed when needed.

My vehicle has the usual: tools, 2 spare tires, jumper cables, jerry can w/fuel, oil-tranny fluid-brake fluid, etc, water, MRE's, multi-function box (jumper, inverter, air pump), over-sized jack with backup, cold-weather gear in Fall-Winter-Spring, road flares and reflectors, gas mask, surgical masks, first-aid kit, toilet paper, electrical repair kit, star-wrench, extra maps & map books, basic OTC meds, extra fuses, electrical extension cord, ratchet straps, tow chain, funnels, spare parts, etc.

What's the Boy Scout Motto?
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