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God's plan in a nutshell

Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/14/2008 10:41 PM
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God's plan in a nutshell
To understand the Good News Message from God we have to realize some pertinent facts that God has had written down.

1. There is a Creator-God of the universe.

2. The Creator-God is a perfect being. His character is enveloped in rightness (a.k.a. righteousness) and justness (promoting justice).

3. Mankind (while starting out perfect) is now imperfect and an enemy of the Creator-God. Mankind has joined a cosmic rebellion led by an angel named Satan who is attempting to overthrow the Creator-God of universe. God cannot allow the rebellion and an imperfect human race to exist forever. At some point He has to bring it to an end. Man'simperfection is most often called "sin." Every human is called a "sinner."

4. Mankind is spiritually dead and cut-off from the Creator-God. All of mankind has been condemned to being eternally separated from the Creator-God and will die.

5. The Creator-God of the universe is also a being of pure love that has motivated Him to provide a solution to the problem that exists between Himself and mankind.

6. The Creator-God solved the problem by becoming a human being (Jesus Christ the God-Man) and living a perfect life before voluntarily dying upon a cross so that He could be the substitute to take the Divine judgment upon Himself
instead of ourselves.

He did this on a personal basis for any individual human who wishes to accept it as a fact and rely upon it as a fact.

This is the Creator-God's rescue plan. It is his way of 'saving' any human who will accept it by relying upon it.

We call this reliance or acceptance by the word "faith." So that "faith" is the vehicle through which the Creator-

God has provided a means of saving us (a.k.a. "salvation"). So that salvation is simply a gift (that cost God everything of Himself) that is freely offered to any human being. It is offered by way of it being a gift through the vehicle of
"believing" or "relying" or having "faith" and taking Him at His word as it has been written down and given to us in what we call the Bible. Jesus Christ, the Son of God died on a cross on your behalf to take the penalty of your sins upon
Himself instead of you being found guilty and forever cut off from God.

Jesus Christ not only died for you but He also then rose again from the dead which is proof that God the Father was satisfied with His death as being an adequate sacrifice on our behalf. He arose because He was able to take our sins in His death and do away with them.

7. Not only is one who accepts the Creator-God's gift saved but the human who accepts this gift also is made an adopted son of God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ the God-Man who died on our behalf. Each human who believes God's
Good News message will also receive a new 'spiritual' body that will never die and will have superhuman capabilities. This new eternal life and body will be residing in the same house or abode as the Creator-God of the universe.

8. Those who reject the Creator-God's terms and the gift that He has offered (including those who would partially accept it but then also want to add to it their own good deeds as partial compensation to God) will be cut-off forever from
God. Those who reject Him will be placed into a location of eternal suffering along with the angelic rebel angels who attempted to overthrow the Creator-God of the universe.

9. At some point, and we think fairly soon, the Son of God, Jesus Christ at His Father's command will return to earth with a mission to rescue and remove all who have accepted the message that Jesus Christ died for their sins. This includes first of all those who have already physically died. They will be resurrected from the dead and given new supernatural bodies. Then those who are alive will be instantly changed and caught up in the air with Jesus Christ and all will live and reign with Him over Earth and the whole universe. In the process of this, the rest of mankind will go to war against Jesus Christ at His return and Jesus Christ will instantly destroy all that oppose Him including the rebel angelic forces.

This then is the entire nutshell version of God's Good News Program for humanity. The essential points to consider are as follows:

1. Humans are enemies of God and incapable of solving the problem that exists between God and themselves. Humans are condemned to eternal separation from God and thereby a spiritual death.

2. God who is perfect, righteous, and just cannot allow mankind's imperfections to continue forever. He has to put a stop to it and destroy the imperfections and restore perfection to the universe.

3. God solved the problem that exists between Himself and human beings by becoming a human being and thereby a substitute and thus sacrificing Himself into death on behalf of anyone who will accept His actions as a substitute. This
part of God that did this is named Jesus the Christ. He died on a cross voluntarily so that if you will accept His actions on your behalf, then in the Divine Courtroom of Judgment before His Father, (God the Father who sits as Judge on the Judicial bench) the recorded sins in your personal records will be wiped clean. The penalty will be accounted to Jesus Christ who also in death got rid of all the sins attributed to Him, because He is deity and He has the ability to remove and dispose of imperfection. Because He was able to do this, He was also able to resurrect Himself from the dead. This is proof that His Father accepted the results as being perfect and accepted Jesus death as payment for our sins.

4. The only way the sins can be removed from our record is by believing God and His written words that Jesus Christ the Son of God has died on our behalf and rose from the dead for the removal of our sins. It is not a matter of believing and then getting baptized. It is not a matter of believing and then going forward in a public church service or revivalcrusade.

It is not a matter of believing and then giving any amount of money (from a penny to billions makes no difference). We cannot buy "salvation." Neither can we earn it. We cannot even partially pay God back. In no way can
we do anything to earn 'brownie points' with God. God freely gives gifts to humans. We cannot mix belief with any actions on our own in which we think it will gain us any extra standing with God.

5. After we believe His message, He does have a plan for our life. This plan entails the notion of learning as much about Him as we can.
The plan also involves our learning what goodness and rightness are and then practicing to live in a good and right manner. Why? So that when we are given our superhuman bodies we will have had some practice in being Godlike so that we are better prepared for an eternity in which we will rule the universe with Him.

So the Christian life is just a training program for future opportunities.

Depending on how we live now may well determine what our specific roles will be in eternity. Some may get to oversee a whole Galaxy because they were more grown up spiritually in their human existence and thus more qualified than others. Some may only get a solar system or simply a planet or a moon or whatever. We donít know the specifics. We only know that our remaining amount of time here on earth needs to be focused on living our lives in a godlike manner of good ness and rightness.

Why? Because it is what He wants us to do because He wants to give us more good things in eternity but no more than we can handle. Now, isn't that good news?

Now we've covered a lot of important information in a quick nutshell format. In doing so we've used some terms that some readers may not readily understand, especially the idea of faith.

Faith is the key element in the Good News message because without Faith we're 'sunk' so to speak. It is really important for everyone, including those who already believe to realize all aspects that are involved in the meaning of the word "faith."

In fact there are probably some who will read this thinking that they already are "saved" but in reality don't realize what the word means and therefore they may actually be adding something to faith that actually makes faith invalid and of no effect. So, for this reason we want to include a section that defines and tells
us exactly what Faith is and what the word actually means.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 485002
United States
08/14/2008 10:50 PM
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Re: God's plan in a nutshell
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