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Lightworker Report for August 16

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User ID: 486059
United States
08/16/2008 08:20 PM
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Lightworker Report for August 16
Hello Dear Lightworkers of the World:

My Higher Self I-Ching reading today reveals Contemplation View. This oracle symbolizes being seen, a prominent tower constructed on a hill as a landmark to be visible for miles around. What better symbol for the announcement!

And the Higher Self Tarot keeps showing Judgment and Victory Parade for the near future! Judgment has to to with awakening the people from sleep and Victory Parade implies a reason to celebrate!

One thing is for sure. We are at the cusp of a major revelation of Truth!

On another subject, you perhaps have noticed that since we have been sweeping the Tropical Atlantic, storms have increasingly originated SW of our showcase area in the waters around Haiti and Cuba.

Tropical Storm Fay suddenly appeared off the west coast of Haiti today and is headed NW toward Cuba. After it emerges from the North coast of Cuba, it is forecast to become a hurricane and with possible impact for Florida or the Gulf of Mexico.

Consequently, I have been guided to set up a SW Golden Vortex in the waters south of Cuba. We can sweep this area into the new SW Golden Vortex rather than the mid Atlantic vortex .

Lets start with Tropical Storm Fay and sweep it into the SW Golden Vortex before it can impact Cuba or the US coastline.

I have updated the Tropical Atlantic Lightworker Page to reflect this new vortex.

Lightworker Weather Page
[link to www.heavenly-light.us]

Lightworker Central contains details on our total focus, dear Lightworkers.

Lightworker Central
[link to www.heavenly-light.us]

I posted an article by Ralph Marston today in Lightworker Haven that said, in pertinent part:

"In the darkest darkness, you can shine a light. In the most difficult circumstances, you can act to make a profound and positive difference.

You can know, you can understand, and you can live in the service of a purpose that becomes more powerful and refined with each passing moment. Choose to do what you can, and there is no limit to what you're able to achieve!"

Lightworker Haven
[link to groups.yahoo.com]

Let's do our best, dear Lightworkers, to not only maintain our Tropical Showcase of cooperation between Enlightened Humanity and the Weather Angels but also so flood the Earth, Gaia and Humanity, including the Key Illuminati, with Pure Unconditional Love that the Golden Age appears in our reality as suddenly as Tropical Storm Kay appeared today!

You are dearly loved by Heaven for your dedication to the Light, dear friends!

We Are All One. I Love You,

Wisdom Paradise
Personal Sovereignty Master Guide
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lightworker Central
[link to www.heavenly-light.us]
Our Love ripples through the Ocean of Consciousness which is our world.
Let your Light Shine!
You are a wonderful Person
Deserving the Best Life has to offer.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 484655
08/16/2008 08:25 PM
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Re: Lightworker Report for August 16
This is spewed pablum.