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Proof that Aliens exist - The $10,000 challenge!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 484178
United States
08/17/2008 08:16 PM
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Proof that Aliens exist - The $10,000 challenge!
Ian Brockwell
August 17, 2008
Some of my recent articles on the subject of UFO´s and Aliens have received a few critical comments, because I mentioned that more solid proof was needed in order to prove that aliens do indeed exist.

Following one of these articles I was contacted by two people, who claimed that they had the proof I was talking about. After exchanging a number of emails and studying the images they had, I agreed to present the information they were offering. CLICK HERE to view a specially created page revealing the images and information they have provided.

Knowing how skeptical some members of the public are on this subject, one of the people involved is offering to pay a cash prize of $10,000 to the first person who can provide detailed proof that the images displayed are not real. This challenge is open to everyone (especially scientists!) and you can test the images in any way you choose.

On Sunday, the 25th of February 1996, the Space Shuttle Columbia placed an experimental tether in orbit (the STS-75 Space Shuttle mission). Its purpose was to attempt to generate electricity by utilizing Earth's magnetic field. However, the tether broke and the experiment failed.

Shortly after the tether broke, something strange happened. In the film footage taken by NASA a large number of UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects) started appearing.

NASA has said that these objects (UFO's) were space debris and ice particles, but others believe they are alien space crafts. Some have claimed that the UFO's are extremely large, although skeptics have argued that such large craft would have been visible from the ground. This would seem a reasonable comment to make, but how many of us notice the Moon (much larger!) in the daytime? And would we see it at all (with the naked eye) if it were not reflecting light from the Sun?

The debate over who is right has continued since the incident happened, but the quality of the images have been unable to support the alien craft theory, until now perhaps?

A scientist, using a new technique, has been able to view these old images in a completely different way, revealing detail that has never been seen before. The process has revealed a great deal more about the Notch Craft (as it is called) and perhaps our first real look at the aliens that fly them!

The picture below is a "Notch Back Craft", enhanced using this new process. This is one of the objects that were seen near the tether when it broke. An explanation of the technique for enhancing the images is given on the special webpage, where you can also see an enlarged version of this craft.

Image of Alien Notch Back craft

Using this special enhancing process, the inventor has found what appears to be a pictograph on the hull of the ship that displays the image of the aliens who fly them. Using Thermo imaging also revealed "electronic circuits" on the outer edge of the craft and what is believed to be "the electronics and electromagnetic generators" that propel it.

There is no question that the process used provides incredible detail of an image that previously had little meaning.

Do aliens exist? One can be almost certain that they do. Do these images prove their existence? That is for you to decide.

 [link to www.profindsearch.com] 

 [link to www.americanchronicle.com] 


User ID: 412806
United Kingdom
08/17/2008 08:18 PM
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Re: Proof that Aliens exist - The $10,000 challenge!
Prove, or has the proof been found?

Oh the plasma ball lifeforms. Wildlife, most likely.

Rough pictures.
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