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Message Subject RAPTURE SEPTMEMBER 2008 ***PROOF***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Pure Logic Proves the Day Jesus Returns

Rev. 6.12 tells us shortly before the Tribulation starts there must be the rarest of solar eclipses (H3 Solar Eclipse) and rarest of lunar eclipses (Lunar Tetrad) in that order and sealed with a unique earthquake just ahead of the solar eclipse. Furthermore, Jesus returns not long after Israel becomes a nation (Matt. 24.33). Not long after would not be more than a lifetime of 70 to 80 years (Ps. 90.10) after 1948 that takes us to 2018 to 2028. Split the difference we get 2023. And we need to find a 2,520 day period for Daniel's final seven (9.27) because Jesus steps down on that last day.

The Tetrads when Israel became a nation 1949/50 and entered Jerusalem 1967/68 tell us to look for the next Tetrad to begin rebuilding the Temple which is 2014/15 (8th since Christ). If it doesn't have a unique solar eclipse preceding it then it is not the Tetrad Jesus was talking about (Joel 2.31, Luke 21.25, Acts 2.20, Rev. 6.12). Nov. 3, 2013 is the H3 Solar Eclipse (4th since Christ) and it was sealed by the Haiti 2010 and Japan 2011 earthquakes (greatest in history in certain respects).

The next Tetrad is not till 2582/83, but it doesn't qualify anyhow because we should not consider 634 years later as "very near" (Matt. 24.33). Besides there is no unique solar eclipse associated to that Tetrad nearly six hundred years from now, and the probability of a record breaking earthquake in 2579-80 is not likely.

But where can we find a 2,520 day period that is done before 2023? Well, the last 3 feasts of the 7 feasts of Israel pertain to Jesus' return so just like Daniel's 69 sevens were on specific key festival dates, we should expect the same for the last seven since God's word is consistent and will not throw us for a loop. God would not do that to us!

Feast of Trumpets is the 1st of the three feasts, so it is a good starting point. We need a miracle though for what are the odds of a significant holiday on exactly the 2,520th day from this feast? Not likely at all. And only one or two holidays would really be worthy of that 2,520th day. Well as it turns out, every 7 out of 19 years the 2,520th day lands on Tisha B'Av. What's that? That's when the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed. Certainly of significance considering Jesus will reign in the 3rd Temple on earth for 1000 years. In fact, I can think of no better holiday for the 2,520th day. The 2,520th day actually is on Sunday Av 10 not Av 9 Tisha B'Av, but whenever Tisha B'Av is on a Saturday (Sabbath to the Jews) it is held the day after instead.

But which 7 year period does this fit into? 2014-21 and 2016-23 don't work. That leaves just 2015-22. That's it then. It is the only possible 7 year period for the Tribulation! Mystery solved. Not too difficult at all. Elementary dear Watson. And of course, other items like the 2300 days (Dan. 8.14), 1260 days (Dan. 9.27; Rev. 11.2, 13.5), 1290 days (Dan. 12.11) and 1335 days (Dan. 12.12) should fit as well by occurring on key dates. As it turns out there are 2300 days from the 4th day inspection of the lamb April 21, 2016 to Aug. 7, 2022. Passover is April 22, 2016. Oct. 21, 2022 is the 1335th day, that is, 75 days from the 1260th day Aug. 7, 2022. Oct. 21, 2022 is after the last 3 feasts (tabernacles is on Oct. 10, 2022) and lands on the 4th day of inspection of the lamb, the Son of Man, who reigns with a "rod of iron". The first day of that four day inspection is Simchat Torah Oct. 18, 2022 when the Torah Scroll is taken out of the Holy of Holies once a year to be read.

Have you noticed there are so many deceived souls out there who say you can't know when Jesus returns? Satan has them in a bind mentally and spiritually. Why does Jesus let us know when He returns after Israel becomes a nation again? This is special grace given to the last generation because we are approaching very troublous times unlike the world has ever seen or will ever see again. The aim is to make your temple (spirit, soul and body) ready for the Lord so you may be included and received up in the rapture according to readiness on Sept. 13, 2015 as well as receive the reward of returning with Christ to reign during the 1000 years. Some may find this too distasteful. Nonetheless, the offer is there to us all. If this is not what you want or you do not overcometh in time, you will lose this reward by being sent to outer darkness which has no furnace or fire about it, outside the light of reward of reigning over the nations with Christ for 1000 years. The choice is set before you.

I'm just a messenger of this truth in God's word like Jeremiah preached 40 years and nobody listened. Few will receive this message. Even fewer will accept it.

The day and the hour,year when the rapture happens is in the bible but we did not understand Jewish idioms, the day that no one knows is "the feast of trumpets" and when it says we all will be changed in a twinkle of an eye on the last trump it tells you the time "twilight " sunset on the end of the feast of trumpets(they blow the last trump) and it shows you the year when it talks about the star pattern :the woman clothed with the sun" happens in SEP 2017 in the middle of the trib so 3 1/2 years back would be 2015 and the end of the age is 2015 mar. 20(king solar eclipse that day) ....so that the feast of trumpets is on sep 13 2015(small solar eclipse that day) and we use Israel as a time peace we can see that the time is around pm 6:00ish minus say 8 hours it would be around 10 am here(USA) on Sunday ....WOW .most people are in church around that time.
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