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Message Subject RAPTURE SEPTMEMBER 2008 ***PROOF***
Poster Handle GraftedPromise U$ofA
Post Content
The TIME of the GREAT tribulation of Seal 6 is one of great LENGTH not degree of torture.

Those who go through the WRATH of YHVH, Seal 7, Trumpet 7, will have horrible experiences.

Those who are left behind will have angels telling them the truth. Revelation chapter 14, verses 6-12.

Yep ... and long with the sun going sack-cloth and the moon blood red ... the sky rolls up like a scroll, the stars appear to fall from the sky, and the mountains/islands are moved out of place. That sounds more to me like a "space event" instead of eclipses!

It is the realization that one needs a Redeemer! One who is a Kinsman as only Yeshua is.

It is true this world is heading to tremendous change ... and it will be vital for each person to understand upon what they base their very lives.
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