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Message Subject Jim Marrs: The Rise of the FOURTH REICH
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Four and a half CONTROVERSIAL Stars!! Disturbing, Fascinating, and Challenging, Easily the conspiracy book of the decade!! Revisionist history, international maniputalion on a gigantic level, Illuminati, 'Foo fighters', the greatest unsolved bank robbery in history, body doubles, and Solomon's treasure: all of this will gladden the hearts of conspiracy theorists, but there's lots here for everyone and much is disturbing. Mr Marrs' basic premise: some well-heeled Nazi's survived WW II, used their connections, as well as their scientific expertise and appropriated loot to promote rich lifestyles, and insinuate themselves into high tech corporations and governments. Worst still, Mr Marrs asserts that maybe some really big Nazi (a word derived from National Socialism) leaders had access to amazing technology and could have escaped with it. He feels we are now using some of their old tactics, discoveries, and philosophies to implement US policy based by the merging of government and corporations, to the detriment of individualism. Scary indeed when one considers which of the two is calling the shots. But can it be true? And then he goes into various shadowy European and American organizations who sought and are still seeking unconditional power and control through various business networks and governmental operations. He reveals Project Paperclip where the USA imported thousands of 'useful' former Nazis to the US with little or no knowledge by our citizens. Beyond this, Nazis set up front companies in Argentina, Sweden, Switzerland (more than 200 companies), Portugal, Spain, and Turkey, among others. One of the most fascinating chapters is called "Nazi Wonder Weapons" which is full of guided missiles, early television, plastics, the possibility of the A bomb, early computers, quantum mechanics, and high tech assertions that frankly are quite shocking. I'll let the reader discover the two biggest of the Nazi discoveries, as described by Mr Marrs. Did the Germans have and use tactical nukes? And have world governments kept us in the dark about many well-known historical events?

Despite what some may feel about Mr Marrs' previous works, I do believe he's onto something with regard to the hidden Nazi history of world corporations, power, and political ideologies, especially with regard to 'war'. Big corporations, according to this book, have been forming non-political alliances that have been funding the war machines of opposing countries and alliances. The ties between world politics and big business are revealing: for example, Leon Trotsky was living on the grounds of Standard Oil in New Jersey, rent free, in 1917 just before returning to Russian to help depose the czar, with Wall Street bankers and wealthy Brits and Germans funding that Bolshevik triumph. Another stunning assertion is that "globalists" fearlessly funded and manipulated both sides of the overall conflict between communism and western nations for their own financial benefit from the very beginning, even to the point of determining who should "lose the war". And based on these successes, Mr Marrs says these globalists are now funding the new Nazi philosophy and rising activities of "the fourth reich". The influence of the "the ends justify the means" Illuminati, freemasonry, and even Yale's Skull and Bones are playing major roles in today's activities. Only in "Ratlines" does Mr Marrs falter, after building a case for the ruthlessness and inventiveness of the Nazis, he would have us believe various religious personnel could have actually denied the Nazis anything. There are also unflattering characterizations of Charles Lindbergh, John Foster Dulles, William Randolph Hearst, the Rockefellers, Pope Pius XII, Winston Churchill, Prescott Bush, Joseph P. Kennedy, IBM, ITT, Ford Motor Company, Standard Oil, and DuPont. This is a challenging book with a disturbing alternate historical version of the last 100 years: believe it or not!! Highly Recommended! Four and a half AMAZING stars!!

[link to www.amazon.com]
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