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Message Subject The VP Candidates Family
Poster Handle Show Me Your "Issues!&quo
Post Content
...the same party that's relying on the feminist vote to carry them through what shapes to be a tight election. The feminist vote that's already shaky because of an ugly, drawn-out power struggle between Clinton and Obama.

...Hope you don't alienate too many feminists along the way, but hey, you don't need their votes right?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 495015

Somehow, I have a hard time imagining the feminist camp getting behind the most adamantly anti-pro choice ticket since RvW. Somewhere inside my head, a little voice tells me the absence of pro choice support trumps the presence of tits.

I think if anything, the MSM's attention to this issue will generate sympathy among center-leaning male voters who are already swinging half a chub over Miss Vice Presidential Candidate 2008... seriously, does the RNC have a swimsuit competition as well? I mean, I don't want to see Ma McCain parading on stage in her cross-your-knees bra or anything, but I wouldn't mind seeing Ms. Palin's "issues."


Either way, while I agree with the OP's point in general, I think you can tell a lot about a candidate by their family, just as I think the choice of a VP running mate says a lot about the candidate who selected him or her. In this case, McCane's impulsive selection (according to his own campaign insiders) of a woman with 14 kids who lives in a shoe (according to me) stinks of shallow political theater, and of someone who at the end of the day decided to put his campaign before his country.

Not that I was down with the somewhat senile old cat who finished in the bottom 1% of his class to begin with (894 out of 899!), but while I can accept a fictional scenario in which a green Jack Ryan ascends to the highest office in the land, the thought of Suzie Sweetits and the Partridge Family being one heartbeat away from the oval office does not exactly inspire confidence (though I do happen to think Danny Bonaducci would make a kick-ass Secretary of Reality Show Wannabe Beatdowns).

Regardless, in the end, it's first and foremost about the issues. I hope and pray that all my fellow 'mercins pay more attention to the content of the Presidential debates than they do the color of the LuvGov's underwear.
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