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Message Subject The upcoming SIXTH DAY of the Mayan Calendar (Nov. 13th, 2008 - Nov. 7th, 2009)
Poster Handle arthur
Post Content
Here it comes Baby! Here comes the Truth!

The TRUTH brought forward by the consciousness of the 3rd "Day" of the Galactic cycle is rising in intensity just like the sun rises every morning to high noon.
High Noon of this 3rd "Day" is June 12th 2003 (note*This is not the hottest part of the day.)

The top news stories of the day June 2nd 2003 are discussing how we “may” have all been lied to about the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. As this truth is coming forward the players within the lie, the CIA, Defense Dept, State Dept, White House and the Pentagon as well as the British Parliament and Prime Minister are attacking each other. This is the exact type of scenario that we have discussed and predicted on this web page just under a year ago.

More staggering truth is on the way, including a massive cover-up by the corporate owners of Hospitals, of a SARS type illness that killed at least 20 people in Sonoma CA last week.

(See articles section at this web page)

When we had said that the truth was coming during the 3rd “Day”, we understood that in the beginning much of the truth would be the exposure of how deeply and widely we are being lie to by those who supposedly inform and govern us all. But that is not all of the truth coming forward.

There have been extreme advancements in our understanding of light, matter and the role of consciousness within, space/time as well as scientifically measured traces of existence beyond this 3rd dimension. We are teleporting light, information and collections of molecules right now. We have slowed light to a crawl and then stopped it, stored it, and released it again. We are time bending electrons and changing their properties. In double blind studies, thousands of times all over the planet we have measured and qualified the direct change of energy patterns of persons separated by 1000’s of miles when one of the parties receives a stimulus. ” We are all One,” is now a scientific fact. The scientific evidence that we are still consciously connected directly with our ancestors is pouring forth and over all…. The “Veil” is getting Thin.

Everything is becoming more transparent including your relationships and personal perspectives is it not?

Not everything we can see right now, environmentally, politically, economically, socially or personally looks pretty, (like the depth of betrayal) but it sure is beautiful to be able to see it at last. When or how ever else could the lies be brought to an end?

Only in the light of the truth, by turning over the rocks to see what crawls beneath, and that is what each and every 3rd “Day” of the Mayan calendar has had to do with.

Every 3rd “Day” is the display to consciousness of its actual situation as applies to the continued survival of life on this planet.

Then during the 3rd”Night” we deal with that truth being exposed.

The 3rd “Night” starts Dec10th 2003 and runs until Dec. 4th 2004

The last 3rd “Day” was 1834 – 1854 (Anti slavery and Women’s suffrage movements)

The last 3rd “Night” was 1854 – 1873 (The US Civil War)

The 4th “Day” of each cycle is when New Foundations are laid for the new emerging consciousness to be built upon. (In this case the consciousness of ETHICS)

The last 4th “Day” was from 1873 – 1893. It was during this time that Nickoli Tesla was writing and experimenting, Henry Ford built his first car, the telephone was invented and electric lights were changing us from an agrarian dawn to dusk consciousness to one of there being more usable hours in the day. Industrialism had started its general sprawl all across America. Do these particular developments look like they are the foundations of our current civilization? It sure looks like it’s turned out that way to me.

The 4th “Night” is always the application of new procedures developed in the 4th “Day” Some ideas or procedures work, some don’t work so well but consciousness make great strides getting ready for the 5th “Day”.

The 5th “Day” is when the greatest breakthroughs of consciousness come during any of the 7 previous cycles.

Next 5th “Day”, Nov. 24th 2006 – Nov. 12th 2007

Last 5th “Day” was 1913 – 1932 (E=Mc2, Hubble, Radio invented, League of Nations)

Last 5th “Night”, 1932- 1952 (WWII)

Next 5th “Night”, Nov. 2007- Nov.

2008 This time, with Ethics as the foundation of consciousness the 5th “Night” is going to be very different from all the previous ones.

This time too we are knowledgeable of the schedule as never before. Always in the past when the immense acceleration of consciousness provided during the 5th “Day” hit physicality there was a spin out of control as much more became suddenly possible.

In that process some very bad things happened to what ever, or who ever, was in the way during the 5th “Night”.

6th “Day” Is the Renaissance in each cycle. Sure enough, the 6th “Day” of the last cycle was right when the European Renaissance happened. We will see Human spirit become able to manifest whatever “Things” that they could desire. There will be no manufacturing or harvesting, buying or selling going on at all.

Next 6th “Day” Nov. 2008 – Nov. 2009

Last 6th “Day” 1952 – 1972 (Beatniks and then Flower Children, The Beatles, orbital satellites and global communication systems)

Next 6th “Night” Nov. 2009 – Nov. 2010 Here is usually a troubled time in each of the past 7 Consciousness cycles of the Mayan calendar. It’s when some of the methods developed during the previous “Days” have been jettisoned because they were seen as not being workable toward a greater survival potential.

The last 6th “Night” was 1972 – 1992 (Viet Nam War) A war that ended the acceptability of war, if not the practice of war, through and by a consciousness shift… Current 3rd “Day” consciousness, displayed recently in World Wide protests against the Iraq War before it even began, are held up here as being the result of this consciousness shift during the 70’s, and 80’s. It did not stop the practice of war but it made the statement stronger than ever before that war is not an acceptable solution to survival any longer by consciousness. This coming 6th night we will jettisoning our dependence of local in physical space/time. Travel will be done by the shift of consideration, rather than by any physical conveyance. Time will be a chosen destination as locale is understood as a chosen location today. With other dimensions and parallel universes to explore this could be a very exciting time don’t you think? Personally, This, I Gotta see! This is what I came here for and I’ll bet you are smiling right now too huh? This makes it worthwhile holding on to your life with both hands and wringing all of the pleasure that you can out of it all the way. Don’t it? And you know what? (And you do know this) Pleasure just may be the only way through these coming changes. I personally believe that pleasure is “The Compass of Survival”.

If you are experiencing anything other than pleasure then you are experiencing some sort of resistance to your ultimate survival. Do what you feel is right and you will experience pleasure within that act, no matter how mundane. Pleasure is going to be your compass as far as what to do that is in your best interest over the next few years. So I’d break my pleasure out of its cracked case and start using it if I were you. Yes this means that changing what ever circumstances, work places, relationships, goals, ownerships and positions that are not pleasurable to you, is going to be needed in order for you to flow easily with all the coming rapid changes. But you already felt that didn’t you? You have felt these truths welling up in you for the last few years probably. You’ve maybe felt that all those “pains in the ass” were going to go away eventually, when you died. What if none of us had to ever die but could learn to live with greater possibilities than ever imagined?

That is the 7th “Day” of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle Nov 2010 – Oct. 28, 2011

Welcome to the Evolution my friends

In service,
Ian Xel Lungold

[link to www.mayanmajix.com]
 Quoting: Solve et Coagula 498188

WOW what an honor. Thank you for all the studying you did and especially the sharing
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