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Message Subject The upcoming SIXTH DAY of the Mayan Calendar (Nov. 13th, 2008 - Nov. 7th, 2009)
Poster Handle D. SMith
Post Content
I was making a root sav for a friend this week, it was a good moon, and a fine month for this type of sav, of course timing is important to everything we do in life, this goes for both the physical and the spiritual aspects of our existence. The powers of the plant are in the roots this time of year.

However that does not mean that one must make a sav such as I made for my friend because the timing is good. There are other factors that are also important for instance, the person must be willing to accept the healing the sav offers, there must be a desire, a need, there must be a readiness.

I said that to say this, because the time is advantages for great changes does not mean great changes will occur; many factors must be in play for the ‘advantage’ to be taken. Timing is just one, People may not see what they are hoping to see in the next few days or the next few years, but don’t be discouraged, we are a people transitioning, developing, and even the small steps are steps.
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