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And you thought chem trails were bad!!!!!

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United States
09/08/2008 10:35 PM
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And you thought chem trails were bad!!!!!
A Fleet of 1500 Cloud-Seeding Ships Could Stop Global Warming

Using a fleet of 1500 wind-powered ships that cruise the oceans autonomously, spraying massive plumes of salt water into the air, we could reverse the effects of global warming within years. So says John Latham, a researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, U.S., who has worked with colleagues to develop a fairly extensive plan for reengineering the climate. How would salt water spray lower the temperature of the oceans enough to make a difference?

Latham explains that it's all about making clouds more reflective. When the salt spray gets taken up into the clouds, the salt crystals allow more drops of water to form. And a cloud with more water in it can reflect more sunlight. Ultimately, Latham hopes, this means that less sunlight will reach Earth and allow the oceans to cool down. If his plan were put into practice right away, it's possible we could prevent the Arctic ice sheet from breaking up, and keep those giant ice shelves from crumbling in Antarctica. As the cooled ocean currents circulate throughout the world, global temperatures will lower too.

[link to io9.com]

With photo!
Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/09/2008 07:28 AM
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Re: And you thought chem trails were bad!!!!!
Yah...There's a good idea...

I guess these guys didn't get the memo that Global Warming is on hold...

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

[link to www.csmonitor.com]

[link to www.kiwiblog.co.nz]