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Subject Bikini Bejing Satanic says cleric.......
Poster Handle Lotus Feet
Post Content
The latest news is that the Bikini Bejing Olympics is satanic so says a Saudi cleric. Please someone educate these clerics on what the word satan meant in its original language. One might wonder why the religious have an issue with nudity when God doesn't ?

Cleric also said "Football leads to temptation. It is not an innocent sport.What women wear in the Olympic games are among the worst clothes possible. The inventions of Satan, with regard to the exposure of the body in gymnastics, in swimming, in whatever, in tennis... Women have never got naked for sports like they do in the Olympics. It is aired to billions of people worldwide. The problem is not just with the spectators who are present. The whole thing is aired on TV...

[link to www.faithfreedom.org]

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