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1. OK Doves, now it’s going to be Yom Kippur. LEST we faint or become limp wristed waiting upon the Lord, or fall into slumber while He delays, here are presented some thoughts about Yom Kippur, from one who is ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the day of the rapture ! But I pray that the Spirit guide me in organizing my thoughts for your edification, and that any error is forgiven by His Holiness, and corrected by you Doves. One thing about John’s Doves site, is that we have learned so much from each other, each expressing that particular member of the body to which he is given talent by the Lord, and that we have learned so much about the feasts of the Lord, which, if He had come earlier we would not be able to take up with us, as a freewill offering of learning, for which I might add we just might earn a small crown… I have read with interest the post by OlaIlori, and thank you Ola for your very enlightening study. I agree that there is much to be seen in the feast of Tabernacles and our Lord’s arrival to take us home. But before I answer to these thoughts, I shall attempt to put together a few of my thoughts about Yom Kippur (Day of Attonement).

Now a broad outline as I understand it, Yom Kippur is the final day of the 40-day repentance period which began on Elul 1st, 30 days before Rosh Hashanah, and includes the ten days of awe, or another reprieve period in which to repent before Yom Kippur, when the Book of Life is closed by the righteous judge in heaven, and those who have not been found worthy to be in that book have no further appeal to the Lord thereafter. Let us recall that our Lord said that an evil generation which seeks a sign shall have only the “sign of Jonah”, and one of the aspects of Jonah’s call to repentance for Nineveh was a 40-day call to repentance. So, this should intrigue us at the very least, and beckon us to look further. For, should the Jewish nation seek a sign of their coming Messiah, they would certainly stumble upon this scripture after the rapture and do the math themselves. If, as many say, our Lord’s physical appearing upon earth, on the Mount of Olives, occurs on Yom Kippur, then it follows that seven years earlier (introducing the time of Jacob’s trouble), would occur then also on Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur is a day of fasting, and atonement, so there is usually a rather large and hedonistic repast the day before this entire day of donning hair shirts and denial of the flesh. During the Yom Kippur service, the Ark of the Covenant is open, which contains the Torah; this signifies the gates of heaven which are purported to be open during this period. This should lead us into meditating upon those words of the Lord about Himself being “the door”, or the open gate, which also relates to Rosh Hashanah, in that the gates of heaven are open even for the last ten days of repentance before Yom Kippur. So, there is much fuss made about these open doors made during the time period between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Also we shall look later at that door which was open to the Philadelphian church in Revelation, and that door which John saw as open in heaven for his invitation to “come up hither”.

First, before I forget it... I believe this is the only feast day of the Lord, which calls for a day of fasting. Additional prohibitions for the day of Yom Kippur are engaging in marital relations, weddings,

wearing leather shoes, or washing oneself, in addition to not drinking wine or eating food. Was our Lord referring to this day when He said that in the days of Noah, they were “eating and drinking” and “marrying and giving in marriage” until THE DAY that Noah entered into the ark. Likewise, prior to this year’s Yom Kippur, Jews will be “eating and drinking, and marrying and giving in marriage”, until THE DAY of Yom Kippur. Without getting flakey here... I read somewhere on the world-wide net, that the Ark of the Covenant, had the same ratio of measurements as the dimensions of the ark of Noah, and we know that God Himself closed the door to the ark once Noah was inside, so perhaps there is a picture here of that great ark of heaven being open for us, until the completion of Yom Kippur, “God Himself will close the door”. After the Yom Kippur service, the doors of the ark of the covenant are closed, signifying the closing of the door of heaven; they blow the shofar once, and this is called “The Great Trump”. then that’s all she wrote for those who did not repent.

The last hour of the Yom Kippur service offers one final opportunity for repentance. Does this remind you of our Lord’s words to the Laodecian church “behold I stand at the door and knock”?
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