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Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken US

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 516363
10/03/2008 09:36 AM
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Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken US
Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken US

By Jim Hightower, Hightower Lowdown. Posted August 23, 2006.

An illegal war, a long list of eroded rights, and a country run by and for the benefit of corporate campaign donors -- all courtesy of the imperial presidency.

During his gubernatorial days in Texas, George W let slip a one-sentence thought that unintentionally gave us a peek into his political soul. In hindsight, it should've been loudly broadcast all across our land so people could've absorbed it, contemplated its portent?and roundly rejected the guy's bid for the presidency. On May 21, 1999, reacting to some satirical criticism of him, Bush snapped: "There ought to be limits to freedom."

Gosh, so many freedoms to limit, so little time! But in five short years, the BushCheneyRummy regime has made remarkable strides toward dismembering the genius of the Founders, going at our Constitution and Bill of Rights like famished alligators chasing a couple of poodles.

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 516451
United States
10/03/2008 09:40 AM
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Re: Where Bush's Arrogance Has Taken US
The real question is if obama is elected where will his arrogance take us.

He did vote YES for the FISA bill.

If barry is elected you think sites like this will be operating?

When he imposes the "fairness" doctrine I would guess not.