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On Christianity and Evolution

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10/03/2008 08:37 PM
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On Christianity and Evolution
It is my belief that one of the current self-imposed handicaps of The Church is its fairly pervasive rejection of and hostility to the theory of evolution. Where some see an enemy of the faith I see evidence of its mission.

Jesus is referred to in the new testament as the "Second Adam". Once we understand that title in the context of the Hebrew meaning of the word Adam, which is "man", it's not a bridge too far to see that Christ Jesus not only represented the image of God on earth and salvation for mankind, but he also represented an evolutionary leap in the very specie itself. As evidence of this I would direct you to not only the words but also the actions of Christ Jesus in their historical context. While we may view his compassion and charity as being remarkable, for the time and place in which Christ lived, they were awe inspiring. We view the life of Christ and the Christian message in the very wake of their impact and as such are somewhat desensitized to their true profundity.

When adhered to as intended by their author, the precepts of the Christian faith put man on course to a manifoldly different way of living than the one in which he has historically been engaged. At one time we were beasts,but now we are men and in the future we will be gods. It is for that reason that Christ came, ministered, died, and as a sign of our future promise was raised. The duty of the disciples of Christ is to carry on that legacy and keep that evolutionary process moving forward.