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have somethig to say about that show the CLEANER

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10/08/2008 12:02 AM
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have somethig to say about that show the CLEANER
what to talk alittle bit about some things that r bugging me.like that show THE CLEANER.what a joke that is,90 percent of America is on some kind of perscription drug,be it ritalin ,tylonal,whatever it be.and u got this show where most of the actors on the show are on drugs,most actors r on some kinda street drug its a fact.and not just actors ,lawyers,judges,politions,etc...they want to keep this sht from u for a reason.cause its good.without it most of these people wouldn t be where they r now without it.and u got this show gettig into peoples homes makin it seem like doing drugs is a bad thing and they have to do something or the person on drugs is going to amunt to nothing and die..lol....wake up people..but u got 3year old child on ritalin ,and thats ok because the goverment says so.mean while this 3 year old is dying inside because of this.just look at that new drug chantex(quit smoking drug)look at the seriuos sideffects of that drug to know what i am talking about.why do they keep it from us.to keep us mindless. the war on drugs ,just like the war on terror is a farsss.look at the facts and c whats killing people,its not illeagal drugs ,its perscrtion drugs,its acohal,anti depression drugs,