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To King Abdullah of Jordan: The Uniting of Five Nations under Almighty God's Control

Scribe to the Prophet Elijah
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10/23/2008 10:45 AM
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To King Abdullah of Jordan: The Uniting of Five Nations under Almighty God's Control
22 October 2008

To King Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,

In 1996 I was in Ankara, Turkey. While there I was given to seek a visa to Syria. The man at the desk said to me to come back in nine days. So I stayed in Ankara nine days and returned to the visa office. He asked me where would I go after entering Syria, and I told him I would be entering Jordan. Then he said "You get a visa at the Jordan Embassy here and I will give you a visa stamp to enter Syria.”

So I went to the Jordan Embassy to ask for a visa stamp to enter Jordan. So they took all my information off my passport and told me to come back on Friday. So I returned on Friday and he handed me a visa stamp for five years on my passport.

Then I went back to the Syria Embassy and the man was shocked to see a five-year visa stamp on my passport, but nevertheless he put a Syrian visa stamp on my passport.

Well, I went to go to the gate to enter Syria and the person there told me to wait. So I waited a couple of hours. Then a well-dressed person came to me and said that everything was okay to enter Syria, and he had a nice lunch brought to me to eat and hired a taxi to take to the bus station to get the bus to go to Jordan.

King Abdullah, this trip was ordained by the Almighty God Creator whom I am led by each day. When I got to Amman, Jordan, I got a small apartment to dwell in while there.

While there I was given to write several letters to your father, the then King of Jordan, and each letter had a command for your father to obey and your father did just that. I knew your father as a godly man.

The last letter I wrote during my stay there I warned him of a great lack of abundant rain that year and that the grain would rise in price because of this drought to hit Jordan, and in the southern part of Jordan they had to eliminate the flocks of sheep and cattle because of the lack of water.

Well, I wrote a letter to Yitzak Rabin also about this lack of abundant rain to affect Israel, too. In it I was given to give him a warning by this Almighty God Creator that he must annul this Oslo Accord or he would be removed from office, and that there would not be any abundant rain to fall upon Israel. Well, he rebelled to obey Almighty God Creator’s command of him. So he was allowed to be put out of office and there was no abundant rain to fall upon Israel that year.

Since then all of the Prime Ministers were given similar warnings and they have all left office, even up to include Ehud Olmert who is now leaving the office of Prime Minister of Israel after I had warned him that would happen if he did not stop this land for peace agreement that this godless man, President George W. Bush got him to be involved in. I also warned Prime Minister Olmert he would also be removed from office and that there would be no abundant rain to fall upon Israel this year, 2008.

So they do lose their abundant rain for rebellion to obey Almighty God Creator’s command of them in this Knesset. So by doing this they are also affecting Jordan in the lack of water to drink.

It’s only the Almighty God Creator who can solve this problem, not mere man. So I am given to ask you, King Abdullah, to invite me as Almighty God Creator’s servant prophet to come and sit down with you to talk over this matter, and you might ask your friend, Benjamin Netanyahu to get me permission to enter Israel from the East across the Jordan river to fulfill what is written in Almighty God Creator’s holy book, the Tanach, in the book of the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 46:11.

King Abdullah, Almighty God Creator has a plan to unite five nations to become a United Nations unto Almighty God Creator. It will be from the Euphrates River of Syria unto the great Nile River of Egypt and include Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel. It has nothing to do with the man-made United Nations or E.C. Its Law is the Ten Commandments and Jerusalem will be the religious center of this great nation under Almighty God Creator’s control along with its holy Temple Mount.

As written in His holy Word, Damascus shall become a rubble heap and Aleppo will become the new capital of Syria with a new president chosen by Almighty God Creator as is written in His holy Word, Isaiah 17:1-3.

So King Abdullah, you will be a part of this great kingdom of Almighty God Creator soon to come to be seen. He will be the one that will make it happen. Almighty God Creator told Abraham, “I will make a nation that your seed shall dwell within the borders of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Israel,” Genesis 15:18.

King Abdullah, this Almighty God Creator which gave 40 days and 40 nights of rain at the time of Noah, is the same God that can give Jordan and Israel seven days of abundant rain now.

It’s all written in His Word to be and no mere man can alter it. When you read Isaiah 19:18, it speaks of five cities and it speaks of an altar at the border, which is the great stone pillar at Giza, Egypt.

Elijah the Tishbite,
the rain-maker or taker according to my words I am given to speak,
I Kings 17:1 and I Kings 18:40 to 46.


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Scribe to the Prophet Elijah  (OP)

User ID: 438889
10/24/2008 12:51 AM
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Re: To King Abdullah of Jordan: The Uniting of Five Nations under Almighty God's Control
Having looked into the history last night of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan or formerly known as Transjordan, it was not always desert. At one time the Kingdom included a large part of Syria and some of Arabia, but this was taken away from them. At one time it was very lush. This can happen again when God blesses the Land, when the abundant rains once more return to the Land.

King Abdullah is a muslim (supposedly), but seldom wears muslim garb, mostly suits for formal gatherings, and western clothes as does his wife and family. He was a former military man and took office in 1999 when his father, King Hussein died. He is a devoted family man with a beautiful wife, 4 young children, Prince Hussein at 14 being the eldest and the youngest, age 3. He speaks excellent English, having attended colleges in Britain and the U.S.A. He loves his people deeply and being a humble person, he has been said to don a curly wig, disguised himself, and mingled with the people on the street. Netanyahu also speaks excellent English, having attended college in the U.S.A. He is well known as a peacemaker, although his worst enemies are Iraq and Syria which today hold some of Transjordan's former lands.