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New Problems for Obama Birth Certificates...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 433665
United States
10/26/2008 01:54 PM
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New Problems for Obama Birth Certificates...

Obama: New York news conference today Saturday October 25th
Internet birth certificate poses new problems for Obama "

[link to www.pr-inside.com] says Andy Martin

"The fact remains that a leading candidate for president, Barack Obama, has denied the media and denied the American people access to the original copy of his alleged 1961 birth certificate. No one has seen this document. The 'original' that Obama has distributed is a facsimile of a current computer-generated record. That is why Obama's 'certificate' has been completely discredited.

"Someone has posted on the Internet what is supposed to be a copy of a 1963 birth certificate. snarkybytes.com/?p=521

"Although this posting was made some weeks ago, the link was only sent to me yesterday. The online certificate could be considered a 'template' for how Obama's 1961 birth certificate should appear. But using the 1963 document as a template for 1961, it is obvious that Obama has concealed the original copy of his birth certificate.

"Obama has never issued any document that is similar to the 1963 posting; the 'certificate' posted by Obama bears no relationship to the online example posted by someone else.

"I believe the Hawai'i courts can and properly should allow access to Obama's original document. No one has seen that piece of paper and Obama has worked hard to keep that document secret.

"I have one question for Mr.-Wants-To-Be-President Obama: Why are you concealing access to the original copy of your birth certificate. WHY?"
Andy Martin's litigation is not related in any form or fashion to any other lawsuit pending in any other court.

Andy is in New York for TV network interviews.



Internet powerhouse and national anti-Obama leader/author Andy Martin


National anti-Obama leader Andy Martin comments on his pending Hawai'i birth certificate litigation


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