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To David Wilkerson: God's Book of Remembrance

Scribe to the Prophet Elijah
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10/26/2008 01:59 PM
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To David Wilkerson: God's Book of Remembrance
26 October 2008

To David Wilkerson,

We hear about the great revival that will be in these last days and about the latter rain of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:17-18. Well, during my stay in Washington, D.C. in 1983-84 I was told by the Lord that less than 2 percent of so-called believing Christians will be found in a savable state when the Lord gathers His very elect chosen faithful small remnant true bride of Christ Jesus. Even at the time I could see the great falling away going on as written in II Thessalonians 2:1-3.

The Lord gave me the gift to discern spirits that dwell and lead brethren even in the pulpit. What a shock it was to see so many corrupt men in the pulpits of so many churches. Over these years I have seen the falling away until there must now be less than one percent left in a savable condition.

David Wilkerson, we read of the great exodus of Israelites from bondage in Egypt where such great miracles happened to cause the Israelites to be set free. Yet when he put a test to this great multitude, we see they fell into unbelief, even ready to follow a golden calf and Korah in his rebellion, forsaking the true Almighty God who had set them free from Egypt. So He had Moses to allow all who follow Korah to stand with him, while others who would still follow the true Almighty God to stand with Him. Well, we see Almighty God opened the ground up to allow Korah and all that stood with him to fall down into the pit.

Then Almighty God gave the remainder of the Israelites a set of commandments He wrote upon stone to guide them to be a holy people before Him. Well, we see these people started to fall into sins of iniquity and to be rejected of their Almighty God, for in just one day 24,000 died in fornication and adultery.

By the time they were to cross the Jordan river, Almighty God gave them the last test to go into the Promised Land in faith, but fear got ahold of them, so God told them to send twelve spies, one from each tribe, to check out this Promised Land before they all crossed over.

When these men returned, ten of them were full of unbelief except for Joshua and Caleb. So Almighty God rejected the mass of unbelieving persons to perish out of the Promised Land. Only later did Joshua and Caleb lead the young of the next generation across the Jordan River into their Promised Land.

Well, we have a promised land ahead for the true Christians at this time. Almighty God has put all these supposed born again believers through many kinds of tests to reveal their most holy faith and obedience to His commandments. Sadly, only a small remnant are to be found worthy to cross into His Heavenly Kingdom not of this world, John 18:36.

Both Revelation 12:14 to 17 and Revelation 14:1-12 tell us what type of people will be gathered soon when He calls His true bride of Christ away, II Thessalonians 4:16-18.

Whatever we speak or do must be in His Name, Lord Jesus, for His Fatherís glory, or it is not written in His Book of Remembrance. People do all kinds of nice things in the churchís name or in a worldly name like UNICEF or the Red Cross, but itís in another name, not His, so it is not written in His Book.

We are told to give a church offering to be blessed by Almighty God, but sadly, most of these blessings go to such greedy pastors who speak nice sounding words as written in II Timothy 4:2-3 and are of those written in II Peter 2:1-3. So many are just Christian con-men selling everything, even their own souls for gain.

So itís time for Christians to really pray over who they are following, to check His word out to find out if their leaders are preaching the truth, and if they bare righteous fruit unto the Lord Jesusí Name, or whether is it just for self glory and for riches for themselves or family, or special friends to use upon their lust, I John 2:15-16.

Itís best we go out and consider the poor, blind, and crippled to share with, even today.


Elijah the Tishbite,
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Anonymous Coward
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10/27/2008 08:01 AM
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Re: To David Wilkerson: God's Book of Remembrance