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Days of Darkness

Scribe to the Prophet Elijah
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User ID: 438889
11/01/2008 02:43 PM
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Days of Darkness
1 November 2008

Dear brother . in Jesus Christ's Name,

We await for the water level to drop to the black line at the Kinneret some time around the beginning of December. It's the lack of abundant rain that is causing this problem which is related to I Kings 17:1. So it's patience to wait upon the Lord to do whatever is needed to fulfill what I have warned Israel what would happen since 1996-97. In the meantime, I await the door to open for me to re enter Israel at this time, soon.

About the three days of darkness, it will come when our Almighty God has it to be at His appointed time.

We read where the Queen of England will sign the seventh and last paper that dissolves Britain as a nation so that parliament will be dissolved. The House of Lords and all the British Embassies will close across this Earth at that signing. Then the queen shall flee before her people find out what she has done. There will be hundreds of thousands of jobs lost when this happens.

Charles, Prince of Wales, will not be the next king of Britain as there will no longer be a monarchy. He will be given to be king over the revised Roman Empire of Northern Europe, giving him the power and authority and his seat at the Security Council with his number upon it as written in Revelation 13:16 to 18. When this takes place, you want to be where our Lord Jesus Christ is with all the real saints above, Revelation 7:14 to 17, to be taken in the First Resurrection as written in Revelation 20:6 and Revelation 22:11-12 + 14.

About the elections, the powers that be have their chosen person to be elected if there is to be an election, or something will cause Martial Law to be installed. Our Almighty God will allow whatever to happen to rebellious people of America, while He preserves His very elect chosen and faithful few, no matter what happens.


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Scribe to the Prophet Elijah  (OP)

User ID: 438889
11/02/2008 02:03 AM
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Re: Days of Darkness
We are still waiting patiently for all these things to take place. We are on God's timeline, not on anyone else's. As much as we wish to be delivered from this world, we just have to be patient each day.

As Elijah does remind me each day, we are not to try to figure out how things are going to unfold other than to be watchful and alert to those things which have been revealed already and what is happening in the world today, and to wait upon God to fulfill His Own plan.