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ET/UFO "Disclosure" and the post 2011-2012 future of human-Extraterrestrial Relations

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11/11/2008 10:29 AM
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ET/UFO "Disclosure" and the post 2011-2012 future of human-Extraterrestrial Relations
EXOPOLITICS MEDIA NOTE: ET/UFO "Disclosure" and the post 2011-2012 future of human-Extraterrestrial Relations

VANCOUVER, B.C. - THE YEAR 2008 has been, from one perspective, an
extradordinary year for UFO/ET Disclosure. Triggered by the January 8, 2008
Stephenville, TX sightings, U.S. Naval Intelligence reportedly began
coordinating a series of off-the-record meetings of high level briefings on the
ET presence at the United Nations and in Europe for diplomats and military
attaches. The Federal Aviation Administration may have overruled a top level
security committee and released a massive radar report that confirmed that a
craft measuring between 524 and 1048 feet overflew the Texas White House
unopposed on January 8, 2008.

On May 13, 2008, the 91st anniversary of the May 13, 1917 Fatima UFO sighting
and the first major Vatican Extraterrestrial cover-up, the Vatican official
newspaper L'Osservatore Romano published an interview with the Jesuit Chief of
the Vatican Observatory stating that "Extraterrestrials are our Brothers."

The next day, On May 14, 2008, - Israel's 60th anniversary - the U.K. Ministry
of Defence executed a massive document dump of previously secret UFO/ET files,
with no context or explanation. On Oct. 20, 2008, the UK Ministry of Defence
released 19 more secret files, and ABC Nightline News broadcast a TV news
segment suggesting a state of ongoing hostilities between Extraterrestrials and
UK and USA armed forces.

There are unsettling aspects to these developments, which suggest that an
integrated Disclosure Management Psyops may be underway in 2008. For one,
rather than welcome transparency in its own space fleet, U.S. Naval
Intelligence has aggressively sought extradition and incarceration (70 years)
of UFO researcher Gary McKinnon for his revealing the existence of a U.S. Navy
space fleet and non-terrestrial officers. The U.S. Navy operates HAARP, the
space-based weapon of mass-destruction, and carried out genocidal environmental
warfare attacks in the Myanmar cyclone of May 3, 2008 and the China earthquake
of May 12, 2008 whose casualties totaled more than the 140,000 civilians
genocided at Hiroshima. Moreover, the 524-1048 foot "Spacecraft" which
overflew Stephenville, TX and the Texas White House (unopposed) - we learn from
the radar reports and the actual law enforcement sighting reports- has more the
characteristics of an Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) or a Treaty
Extraterrerial Vehicle (TEV) that an upperdimensional, ethical Extraterrerial
bioconscious Lightship.

Many in the E.T.-sensitive community (recent polls now suggest that fully 48%
of U.S. adults believe Extraterrestrial civilizations are visiting Earth) may
find it disheartening to learn that an orwellian "New World Order Disclosure
Management Psyops, apparently coordinated by U.S. Naval Intelligence may be
underway. One may legitimately ask: Why would the present world military-
intelligence power structure (AKA the permanent war economy) be expending a
$1.5 trillion dollar/year Black Budget Psyops to pretend they are "Disclosing."

Disclosure Management vs. Transparent, Inter-active Contact

The power-oriented civilization behind the 2008 Disclosure Management Psyops
does not represent the future of human civilization. That civilization - which
we call the "permanent war economy" - represents a species of human
consciousness which is destined to become extinct during the emergence of
transparent, interactive contact between our Earth and ethical advanced
Extraterrestrial civilizations surrounding and following alignment during the
period 2011-2012 with the gigantic Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way
Galaxy, 23,000 light years from Earth, and 4000 as heavy as our Sun. As our
Earth approaches alignment with the Black Hole, time as a dimension accelerates
and human consciousness stratifies into two domains or dimensions. For
polarity's sake, we can call these two domains "Fear & Contraction" and "Love &

During this post 2011-2012 transitional period we are entering, Exopolitics -
the new political science of outer space - and Exo-consciousness - humanity's
emerging Extraterrestrial consciousness - will establish the platform for
transparent and inter-active contact between an emerging human civilization
based on values of sustainability, Universality, cosmic Love and advanced
ethical Extraterrestrial civilizations.

Conversely, those humans and that civilization operating from Fear &
Contraction, will dwindle on a deconstructing platform of permanent war,
hierarchy, oppression, exploitation, manipulation and all of the hallmarks of
our former civilization.

We now can see the motive for the 2008-9 Disclosure Management Psyops. It is
part of an attempt to capture the collective mind in memes of fear and
contraction that the Permanent War Economy ruled by the U.S./UK Military-
Intelligence, the City of London Banking interests, the Vatican belief systems -
in short the ancien regime that has kept humanity enslaved in a virtual Fear
mentality for thousands of years - will continue. By setting up and controlling
a faux Disclosure, then the permanent war economy can pin its hopes on
controlling the future of human evolution and of ET contact.

Dr. Wernher von Braun, a whistleblower, warned that the final charade of the
permanent war economy after the collapse of capitalism, would be first a a
False War on Terror (via the False Flag Operation of 9/11); and finally a False
War against the "Evil ETs."

The 2008-9 Disclosure Management Psyops is an introductory part of the "False
War against the Evil ETs" that von Braun predicted. By exposing it to the
light of day and to the knowing consciousness of our fellow humans and to the
upper-dimensional Extraterrestrial civilizations, as we are doing now, we are
disempowering and deconstructing it.

The Evolutionary Paradox - Macroshift from Breakdown to Breakthrough

At first glance, it may seem paradoxical and counter-intuitive that humanity is
about to experience a great leap forward in consciousness, an end to our long
quarantine from the rest of organized galactic life, and a collective entering
into communion with other intelligent civilizations in our neighbouring

After all, there is evidence of a massive species die-off on Earth; of
genocidal programs for world depopulation through war, weapons such as HAARP,
Depleted Uranium, weaponization of food, weaponization of the human genome; of
deliberate implosion of the world economy and monetary system; of plans for
potential mass induction concentration camps and martial law.

It is in the post 2011-2012 world that the crucial "Macroshift" phase of our
human civilization from Breakdown to Breakthrough will occur - breakdown and
breakthrough exist simultaneously - almost like competing dimensions of Fear &
Contraction and Love & Expansion.

Post 2011-2012, the Paradox is resolving: Never underestimate the Gravity Power
of our galactic Black Hole. The Mayans personalized her as "Hunab Ku." Post
2011-2012, the new Homo Universalis will emerge thanks to the conscious and
time acceleration overpowering any entropic effect of "Homo Aggressus" (our
former violent, manipulative "permanent war economy" human civilization) to
sink humanity into eternal dis-integration.

Is transparent, interactive contact between advanced ethical Extraterrestrial
civilizations possible and probable?

My answer is Yes!

With the public exposure of "Disclosure" as Psyops from the U.S. Navy
Intelligence, the U.K. Ministry of Defence, the Vatican, and other millenial
agencies of the ancien regime, transparent contact with ethical
Extraterrestrials with emerge into our future time-space.

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd is International Director of the Institute for
Cooperation in Space (ICIS) and author of EXOPOLITICS, POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND
LAW IN THE UNIVERSE (Universebooks). His program EXOPOLITICS RADIO is heard in
over 77 countries and 492 cities worldwide

EXOPOLITICS.COM: [link to www.exopolitics.com]

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