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Subject >>>VENUS appears to have DEVIATED significantly FROM ITS normal path in the sky
Poster Handle 3rdDayRising
Post Content
I just got done checking this out. Venus is supposed to be in Ophiuchus right now and then to move to Sagittarius in December. However, tonight I saw Venus where it should not be, near Jupiter in the night sky.

After investigation, Venus appears to actually be in the wrong place in the constellation of Sagittarius and is on track to head to Capricorn in December when it should be in Sagittarius then. Even the maps are screwed up online over it which marks the first time I have seen that.

What do you all make of this?

Planet positions for 2008
[link to www.astro.wisc.edu]

Planet Location map today - Click on the Venus icon and the map that will come up shows no Venus
[link to www.fourmilab.ch]

Change the UT date on the map to show mid December and they show it arriving in Capricorn.

Am I missing something here??? This is just too weird?
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