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Message Subject The "Rapture" date has been Established, and is now made known to the “elect” who trust in the Name of the LORD of Spirits
Poster Handle Charles Fort
Post Content
"Rapture date to July 3rd 2054 on a Friday, the Sabbath."

completely disagree. It's not that far off. it's right around the corner. In any case, The book of enoch is not in the Bible for good reasons.
 Quoting: Neen 555797

The Bible is a forgery, the dead sea scrolls proves this beyond any reasonable doubt. Read the Original and discover your Creator, discover your end time events and how to prepare for them. This is why the Satanic Vatican removed the Book of Enoch so that the people of the end time generation would not be able to fulfill the LORD'S prophecies.

[link to www.bib-arch.org]

GOD didn't approve of the Bible so HE sent a lying spirit to those writing the Bible, so that when the highly logical & educated person such as you, lol, would read the lies they would steer clear away from the Devil's Book.

[link to www.infidels.org]

GOD is the LORD of Spirits
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