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The Quadrangle of Death: India-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Kashmir [Excellent Analysis on the Mumbai Attacks]

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12/03/2008 10:57 PM
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The Quadrangle of Death: India-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Kashmir [Excellent Analysis on the Mumbai Attacks]
The Quadrangle of Death: India-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Kashmir

Whoever was the real intellectual author (not the multimediatic, nor at microscopic level, the manipulated “useful fools” dressed as jihadists) of the Mumbai bloodshed, the most important financial center of the India subcontinent, it accomplished to bring down the virtual and sovereign frontier of the “quadrangle of death” conformed by India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir, that now blend to one geopolitical bellic region with multiple communicating ethno-religious sheds and, most of all, the most dangerous zone in the planet, like previously warned by Russian geostrategist Evgeny Primakov, where US interests collide with the ones from Russia and China.

China emerged relatively as a triumphant from the global financial tsunami. In an ominous fashion, the “quadrangle of death” has common frontiers with China: India (3380 Kilometers), Pakistan (523 Kilometers), Kashmir (365 Kilometers) and Afghanistan (76 Kilometers).

The real author puts India in the “quadrangle of death” and punches the BRIC in the guts. To "someone" is convenient to exploit the boring scarecrow of the Islamic fundamentalism of Al-Qaeda (to Under Magnifier readers, “Al-CIA”), whose obscene strings lead to the supreme interests of the anglo-israeli banking, from its Genesis to its global Apocalypse.

The US fights a war in Afghanistan since autumn 2001, consequence of the hollywoodesque montage of 9/11 and maintains an important military presence in Pakistan, that is at the edge of a Balkanization that accelerated the “genocide” of Benazir Bhutto and that could end in a “Qaedastan” or a “Talibastan” or a “Jihadistan”.

Pakistan, recurred to an IMF mortgage because of the US financial tsunami, and thus it has become closer to China and has manifested its will to make peace with India, therefore Benazir’s widower, president Alif Ali Zardari, under pressure by the US, initiated the risky dismemberment of the sinister Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), that presumably participated in the genocide of his wife.

It can’t be ignored that Obama, that suffers its first global crisis two months before his presidency, has put Afghanistan, instead of Iraq, as the central point in the “war against Islamic terrorism”.

Since 1947, India and Pakistan, two proliferative nuclear powers, consented by the powerful nations of the UN Security Council, have tangled up in a long fight for the supremacy in Afghanistan and Kashmir, in a direct form (three wars) and also through proxy terrorists.

In certain “democratic” countries, the elections are resulting in a dangerous invitation to commit terrorist acts on its eve. It can’t be ignored the “electorish” aspect of the bloodshed perpetrated in the US thanksgiving day, in the wakefulness of the Kashmir elections, and six months before of the relevant voting in India, which electorish ramifications reached Israel, that suffered losses in its religious center in Mumbai.

Could it be a poisoned gift from Cheney-Bush, before saying good bye, as from the defeated straussian neocons, extensive up to the super falcon Bibi Netanyahu, who could win the next elections in Israel, which are susceptible to create a nuclear war against Iran?

The guiltiness, by conditioned automatism point to Pakistan, which doesn’t stop being to simple for obvious. The real intellectual author is unique, but its executors conform a very complex mosaic to study: the connection with the Britain-Islamic “citizens”, Somali pirates, a Muslim-Indian entrepreneur resident of Saudi Arabia: Al-Qaeda, LIskar-e-Tauba, regional jihadists, talibans, Indian muslims (153 millions of a total of 1,148 millions, meaning, 13.4%), etc.

In macroscopic structural terms, the true reason is the “war against terrorism” and its hollywoodesque montage of 9/11 from seven years ago from Bush’s torturing regime and the Anglo-Israeli banking, who manipulated militarily Pakistan and have discomposed it to the maximum to put in check the three emerging euro-asiatic powers (Russia, India and China), through the multiple wars from the military-industrial-complex of the US in the “arch of instability” that absorbs the Great Middle-East, that in the geostrategic definition of General Ariel Sharon, goes in a horizontal line from Morocco to Kashmir (right in the middle of the Huntingtonian clash of civilizations) and, in vertical line, from the Caucasus (where the borders of the new world order has just been redefined in the immediate periphery of the reborn Russia) all the way to the horn of Africa (where the jihadist pirates of the 21st century have emerged).

We have already averted that from 9/11 of 2001, forged by the sinister ISI in complicity with Anglo-Israeli espionage services, the ideologists of the Hungtingtonian Clash of Civilizations have pronounced the death of Pakistan that now qualify as a “failed state”.

The bloodshed of Mumbai, very complex and well designed, is a product of the bellic geopolitics in the “quadrangle of death” and also of the financial, economic, political and social anarchy reigning in Pakistan, prisoner of the intern fight for power and its centrifuge force.

The World War in progress, fought by the Anglo-Israeli banking to cover the great speculative losses in the core of the G-7, accelerated its steps in Mumbai, and it is portrayed in the middle of the severe multidimensional crisis (financial, economic, alimentary, hydraulic and climatic) that states the end of the dead neoliberal scheme and the deep crisis of the “western” civilization.

The real authors of the Mumbai bloodshed –meaning, the ideologists of the Huntingtonian clash of civilizations, the war against global Islamic terrorism and, in last instance, the first inventors of the phantasmagoric Al-Qaeda (for Under Magnifier readers, “Al-CIA”)- look optimally a fourth war between the two nuclear power rivals of the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan and India) and, minimally, the return of the Hindu fundamentalism of the Bharatiya Janata party in the crucial May elections that will punish the ineptitude in security of the multiethnic plural and secular Congress Party that reflect the ethnoreligious mosaic of India, also in great risk of Balkanization. Much better, in this Dantesque scenario, if Bibi Netanyahu is elected as Israel’s Prime Minister because of the “Mumbai Effect”.

Alfredo Jalife-Rahme
La Jornada 3/12/2008

Alfredo Jalife-Rahme writes twice a week for one of the leading newspaper in Mexico: La Jornada. He is a geopolitical analyst. He is a postgraduate in Geopolitcs and International Business from one of the best universities in Latin America: the UNAM. He was one of the first to mention the contradictions and irregularities of 9/11 and has been analyzing the fall of the US empire for quite a time now with books like "The Eleven Fronts of 9/11: A Multidimensional War” (2003) and most recently "The End of an Era" (2008). He contributes occasionally to Voltairenet, CNN en español and Telemundo.

This is a translated article, proofreading will be appreciated.
djnzb  (OP)

User ID: 565127
12/04/2008 10:01 PM
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Re: The Quadrangle of Death: India-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Kashmir [Excellent Analysis on the Mumbai Attacks]
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