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Two thousand years ago, Jesus of Nazareth stood on a mountain and delivered the greatest sermon ever preached. His great words carried across that mountain and through the generations. The sermon on the mount brings peace and hope to millions today as a shining star in the word of God. "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." What great words.
I tell you that the simple message of Jesus will never change. Are you weary? Are you poor in spirit? Are you going through divorce? Are you adrift in a society that has lost its way? Do you thirst for something you've been unable to find in endless DVDs, TV programs, or internet sites? If there is a void in your soul, Jesus wants to fill it.
Imagine you are standing on the edge of a great canyon, and far across on the other side is eternal life. You cannot reach eternal life without falling into the canyon, and at the bottom of the canyon is separation from God. The great news is gthat when God sent His son Jesus to live among us and to die for our sins, Jesus built a bridge. Jesus paid the price for all our sins when he was nailed to the cross--and for each of us who believes in Him, he built that bridge for us to cross the canyon, preventing us from falling into spiritual and eternal death. The most wonderful news is that the story did not end on the cross. Three days later, God stunned the entire world by resurrecting his only Son, Jesus from death and God sent Him to once again dwell among us. The Resurrection, witnessed by hundreds, becamethe greatest miracle of all. For if Christ had not risen, what hope of eternal life would we have?
Let me tell you about the road to eternal life. I don't promise the road will never be rocky, but God will help you through the rockiest parts, and when the journey is hardest, he will carry you. When you walk the road at night, he will light the darkness.

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