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Message Subject Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronauts See Stagehands in The Ceiling Holding Hoses(Wires)
Poster Handle Francesco Castillo
Post Content
Folks look how dis-information is spread.

We have a paid shill no doubt "the Guy" and everyone on the forum who's complimented him are shills as well. Listen to what this "Guy" says;
F.Castillo: The Moon's gravity is 1/6th that of the earth, thus, it would take 1/6th the fuel to lift off from the Moon as it did from the Earth. One-sixth the size of the S-IC stage and S-II stage tanks.
[link to www.solcomhouse.com]

But they only had the lunar module gas tank. Get out of here!!


The Guy: They didn't blast they whole way, they just had to insert themselves into a transfer orbit. Since the Earth is the more massive object of the Earth-moon system, all they had to do to get home was break lunar orbit in the direction of Earth and let Earth's gravity do the rest.
 Quoting: The Guy

Here "the Guy" says that once Apollo is outside of the moon's orbit (whatever that means) the ass-straw-nuts would fall back to earth on account of earth's gravity. This means that Apollo 11 was continuously struggling against gravity heading to the Moon and would have needed like a hundred of S-IC & S-II fuel tanks to get to the Moon.

But look at what "the Guy" said on another previous dis-information propaganda.
F.Castillo: That's what the other tanks were used for. Pay attention, look at the diagram, slow down alittle with the "disinformation" agenda.


My information is never "dis."

The Guy:The S-IC and S-II were used to achieve Earth orbit. The S-IVB was used for the trans-lunar injection burn. Everything else was done by the Command and Service Module's engines.
 Quoting: The Guy

Here "the Guy" understands that Apollo used the S-IC and S-II fuel tanks to break outside of the earth's atmosphere, but forgets his other lie he will use to keep the confusion going, the other lie about Apollo falling back to earth if ever someone raised questions about the Apollo mission in respect to the fuel tanks.

This means "the Guy" acknowledge he understands the propaganda, but like most liar they lose track of their lies and spin webs all over the internet with their dis-information.

GAME-OVER, Francesco Castillo style!
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