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Message Subject Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronauts See Stagehands in The Ceiling Holding Hoses(Wires)
Poster Handle What is the Crane/Bay?
Post Content
So was the 'Guy' at Houston talking about a 'Crane Bird' not wanting to be in any photo's? Why would this 'Crane' be weirder looking by the Lunar Module than it would in the 'High Bay'? So what is this "High Bay" Astronaut Jack is referring too? Do you have an answer? No answer from all you useless pussies out there. How predictable, you all run away and hide like the Disney Fairy Tale Fantasy Believing Children you all are.

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Stagehand Asks if the Lift-Crane is in the Photo's the Astronauts Took
[link to www.youtube.com]

The Flight Stagehand asks at :12 "Ok, there no picture of foul-ups where they got in the crane?" The Astronaut replies at :18 "If that(the Hoisting Crane) didn't get some noise from outer space, I don't know what will. If they're out there, and they are I'm sure, they'll see that one. That's(the Lifting Crane) even weirder looking out here(in the Low Bay Roof Fake Moon-Set) than it is in the high bay(Roof Fake Moon-Set where the excursion trips are done) Aye Bob".
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