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Message Subject Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronauts See Stagehands in The Ceiling Holding Hoses(Wires)
Poster Handle Pee Had Good Flow!
Post Content
So what was this "P" or "Pee" Astronaut Jim said he did in the Lunar Rover vent window across the fan? How did this "Pee" Have Good Flow? Come on pussies no answer.

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 15:Astronaut Says He Peed On The Rover- and They Say it Hurts Having To Lie
[link to www.youtube.com]

Astronaut Jim says at 1:18 "I had good flow Joe, I pee in the vent window". Joe at Houston replies "Roger copy" (The other Astronaut laughs again) Astronaut Jim says at 1:28 "Keep a watch on it, I'm gonna press on slowly". Joe at Houston replies "Roger we agree"
So what is this thing that Astronaut Dave tells Astronaut Jim to lie about? No answer you Disney believing fairy tale loving babies.

Astronaut Dave says at 2:54 "Gotta Lie Jim". Astronaut Jim replies "It hurts you too doesn't it?". Astronaut Dave replies "Yep, sure does"
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