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Message Subject Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronauts See Stagehands in The Ceiling Holding Hoses(Wires)
Poster Handle nomuse (NLI)
Post Content
It always saddens me that the vast majority of people who think we didn't go to the Moon, show very little understand of either why we couldn't, or how it was claimed it was done in the first place. They are largely ignorant about the science involved, and are greatly misinformed about the story they claim to be against.

I would be much happier, overall, if the hoax believers, while continuing to believe that the Apollo Program was a hoax, did so with detailed knowledge about the program and a good background in general science.

The latter condition would be "merely" one of opinion. Opinions are great. The more of them you have, the more room for discussion. But it would be opinions formed on actual knowledge; not on the excuse of ignorance ("I don't understand how an orbit works, therefor NASA's claim to have put spacecraft in orbit is a lie.")
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