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Message Subject Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronauts See Stagehands in The Ceiling Holding Hoses(Wires)
Poster Handle nomuse cuddles Teddys
Post Content
It always saddens me that the vast majority of people who think we didn't go to the Moon, show very little understand of either why we couldn't, or how it was claimed it was done in the first place. They are largely ignorant about the science involved, and are greatly misinformed about the story they claim to be against.
 Quoting: nomuse (NLI) 570043

Ahhhh, your so sad, don't you hate it when others don't believe in the Disney made Fairy Tale Fantasy as much as you. Go look for your teddy bear and play with that instead you little baby.

Here's a scientific litmus test for ya, get a big long broom stick, and then shove it up your arse. Science will tell us all that this will cause you great pain, but I'm sure your use to it.
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