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Message Subject STFU about Global Warming and READ THIS NOW
Poster Handle riker
Post Content
4) The solutions that are being proposed and PUSHED by the government and the media WILL NOT WORK. They are tools to further enslave humanity.

Your argument was interesting until item #4. Why would they not work?
 Quoting: idol_harobed


Well, I came to this conclusion from a number of different things.

First off, I have never seen any government agency succeed at doing anything efficiently except waste money and further increase its citizens' dependence upon it to their detriment.

Cap and trade will end up much like other point system controls on pollutants - a failure. It doesn't stop anything, doesn't encourage new technologies, just creates more corruption. That would be a post unto itself.

All of the current "solutions" that have been proposed to curb global warming have involved significant new taxes. Have you noticed that?

Government subsidies always fucks crap up - look at our agricultural industry - I don't have much hope for alternative energy research and development. Also, if we do not change our demands as consumers, no company INCLUDING the government is going to develop products and technologies they're not going to make money off of.

Finally, what I am proposing is change at the individual level. Change encouraged by how you spend your money and how you consume. That changes everything. It drives the economy, marketing, R&D EVERYTHING. It's a much more powerful tactic, and comes with NO ADDITIONAL TAXES OR GOVT CONTROL.

good one OP!

 Quoting: raxx 521699

Thanks! :-)
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