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Message Subject STFU about Global Warming and READ THIS NOW
Poster Handle Wilford
Post Content
Make the fucking sacrifice then tell other people about it. This is how real change is made. Not just by sitting around bitching and fighting about it.

 Quoting: riker

I am sure a lot of people don't know where to start. Once they start small, it's easy to grow big.

Stop buying bottled water. Use a filter at home and refill your bottle of water. (This one always gets me. Pure stupidity. It's a massive plastic disaster and it cost tons less to fill up at home)

I convinced my wife it's the best thing to do if we insist on having clean water during our travels. We have a large Brita filter that sits in the fridge. Clean, cold, refreshing and doesn't pollute any where near as much as purchasing the stuff. Cost less too.
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