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Is the Magen David the biblical “mark of the beast”?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/30/2008 08:48 PM
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Is the Magen David the biblical “mark of the beast”?
The biblical “mark of the beast” is soon to be used in conjunction with mandatory Jew controlled global e-commerce, and will have Magen David connotations, because the number of it is “six hundred three score and six”.

Indeed a Magen David may well be imagery incorporated into the design of the “mark of the beast”, because the leading finance Jews are vain creatures who have already incorporated a hexagram into the design of paper currency of several nations to celebrate their power in global commerce; and because the Jews, in general, have long wanted revenge on the Gentiles for the humiliating number put upon Jews in the German labour camps, and for the mark of the Magen David put upon Jews under Hitler’s regime in German occupied WWII Europe.

The biblical “mark of the beast” will doubtless even be a sort of antithetical counterpart of the mark of the Magen David put upon Jews to identify them and shut them out of trade under Hitler’s regime; because it will effectively identify those that have it as pro-Jewish, but shut all those who DON’T have it out of mandatory Jew controlled global e-commerce, which is soon to be headed up by a European political beast of the ilk of Joseph Stalin who opposed Hitler.

The biblical mark of the beast is also “the name” (i.e., authority) of a European political beast, and incorporates “the number of his name”, which is given as “six hundred three score and six”, and has links with the “six hundred three score and six” talents of gold levied as tribute in the heyday of King Solomon’s reign over Israel, because the Jews liken their leading Grail king to King Solomon and intend to set him up to rule the world by Rothschild gold, before revealing antichrist as their profane wicked prince who will control global commerce for him.

The “six hundred” in the number of the name of the end-time biblical political beast also appears to allude to six principal geopolitical divisions of the world under the Jews in end-times, because the “hundred” was of old in England a division of land.

Just as the “three score” in the number of the beast’s name appears to allude to a number compatible with and/or incorporating paired symmetrical lines, like the three paired, symmetrical magnetic ink lines or so-called guard bars presently in the bar code of a product, marking off the nation of its manufacture, its manufacturer, and its number as a product; because a “score” was originally a pair of parallel lines drawn in a register to record twenty units of credit or debit.

The “six” in the mark of the biblical end-time European political beast obviously has broader connotations, and may allude to the number of ciphers in a personalised derivative of the number of his name, which will be received subcutaneously in the right hand or forehead of all who choose to subjugate themselves to, sell their souls to, and worship the Jews’ mandatory global e-commerce in end-times.

UPC bar codes on products were invented by George J. Laurer, an employee of the Rothschild backed IBM firm, which via its subsidiaries used IBM’s Hollerith punch card technology to automate Nazi persecution of Jews, all the way through from identification in European censuses, registrations, and Nazi ancestral tracing programs to arranging railroad transportation for Jews and the organization of their work in slave labour camps.

Laurer’s UPC code may, therefore, be used in conjunction with technology that will represent a revival of IBM technology that destroyed the Jews marked with a Magen David under Hitler’s regime; because scripture indicates that all who take a mark in their right hand or forehead compatible with a code similar to his will be destroyed in hell by God as idolaters, after death and the great white throne judgment.

The subcutaneous personalized version of the number of the name of a European political beast in end-times will probably be the number of a personal verification microchip, like Applied Digital’s VeriChip, which is promoted in the United States as a miniaturised radio frequency identification device available in several formats.

RFID chips are already embedded in paper currency, and can be inserted under the skin and used to transmit a unique personal verification number; and numbers of that sort have been linked with computerized databases of health records, so that appropriate medical treatment can be given to those who otherwise couldn’t declare their medical history in a crisis.

In 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration sanctioned implantation of computerized sensors in patients, so that doctors could monitor chronic conditions moment-by-moment from considerable distances. RFID chips also prevent identity theft and banking industry related fraud, and can be used in conjunction with e-commerce instead of cash, cheques, or credit cards, and would tighten national security.

Some of the formats of RFID chips exploit the salinity of the body to create an electric field, so that data can be read by and exchanged between people, or verified by external scanning devices. A patent is out in the United States for a re-programmable, biologically inert, subcutaneous implant, constructed of a flexible material suited to the movement and use of the body; and it receives programming information through the skin, and is visible according to decorative patterns beneath the skin.

A New Zealand physicist recently introduced a new dimension to subcutaneous microchipping of humans, by developing a computer chip from DNA molecules, which can store and execute computer programmes within the body. Subcutaneous microchips have been implanted into more than thirty million animals worldwide, since they were first introduced; and they’re about the size of a grain of rice, coated with biocompatible glass, and inserted by syringe, with connective tissue usually preventing migration.

Microchipping of dogs is now mandatory in some countries, and the Pentagon wants to insert a microchip (“biochip”) in the brain of every U.S. soldier to replace the traditional military dog tag, which may well be an ominous portent of mandatory micro-chipping of God forsaken persons in the Jews’ ideal antichristian world, because Gentiles and godless apostates are specifically called “dogs” in both the Bible and the Talmud.

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon’s regime can be construed as a prototype of the biblical European political beast’s end-time reign of terror, because Jew controlled trade in end-times will have Babylonish connotations, as based on injunctions in the Babylonian Talmud, and because it will be exemplified by the collateral of Rothschild gold, just as the power of Nebuchadnezzar’s regime was exemplified by an image of gold.

Even the musical tones of telephones, cell phones, fax machines, bar code readers, EFTPOS machines, and the more conventional piped in or background music that are associated with most trade based on Rothschild gold today have links with the people’s worship of Nebuchadnezzar’s image of gold at Babylon, because the biblical book of Daniel says their worship was instigated by order of the king “at the sound of all kinds of music”.

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