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Subject >>> Nearly as many people killed over the summer in one US city as soldiers in Afghanistan over entire 2008
Poster Handle 3rdDayRising
Post Content
We hear so much BS from the MSM about other countries back yards and how bad it is, but they completely neglect the fact that it is safer for our troops in active combat zones than if they lived in even one major US city. This is pretty pathetic... 151 killed in Afghanistan in 2008 while Chicago killed 125 of their own in just 3 months of summer.

We need to start putting these pathetic wastes down and with the down turn in our economy, I am sure the Carpenters union could use the work.

There were more people killed in Chicago alone in 2008 than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined...

Afghanistan - 151 soldiers killed in 2008
[link to news.yahoo.com]

Chicago - 125 murdered over summer 2008
[link to cbs2chicago.com]

It is high time to remove the domestic terrorists from our own back yards
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