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Message Subject >>> Nearly as many people killed over the summer in one US city as soldiers in Afghanistan over entire 2008
Poster Handle 3rdDayRising
Post Content
If we include the entire U.S., then the death toll exceeds both troop deaths and iraqi-afghan civilian deaths combined.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 577100

In Philadelphia, the city of brotherly Lovewhatever, they are on track (by Fall 2009) to have murdered more of its own citizens since 9-11 than the terrorists did on 9-11 with no end in sight. This does not include the rapes, attempted murders, assaults, robberies and home invasions. Yet we label the guys in the plane "Terrorists" when the real terrorists of our nation are living within our own cities and have killed far more than any "terror Org" in our History.

Murder, Rape, Robbery and the like should all be a one time offense and your life is over... Save tax payer money by using ropes instead of cells. In the end, this will be more merciful as fewer would commit crimes...
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