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Message Subject The Moral Bankruptcy of Israel's Founding Idea: The Coming Collapse of Zionism
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

"It's All a Swindle (Alles Schwindel)" by shitstreamjew mischa spoliansky.

Politicians are magicians
who make swindles disappear

The bribes they are taking
the deals they are making
never reach the public's ear
The left betrays, the right dismays
the country's broke and guess who pays
But tax each swindle in the making
profits will be record breaking
Everyone swindles some
so vote for who will steal for you

Papa swindles
Mama swindles
Grandmama's a lying thief
We're perfectly shameless
but we're blameless
after all it's our belief
Nowadays the world is rotten
honesty has been forgotten
fall in love but after kissing --
check your purse to see what's missing
Everyone swindles some
my son's a mooch and so's the pooch
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