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Message Subject Marijuana is no good
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was performing(music) for a party.
I smoked a couple of joints and proceeded
to set up and operate a very complex
audio and video system and then perform the show..
everything went smooth ....no prob.


everyone at this party was drunk, acting like
fucking idiots.

there were a couple of fights and this one really drunk
woman came up to me and was so out of it.

I was in the middle of smoking a doobie
when this idiot woman comes up to me
smelling like a dead beer store and has
the nerve to say to me "Only dopes do DOPE"
then proceeds to fall flat on her face and break her nose and her finger.

this person couldn`t put 2 words together properly
let alone hold a NORMAL conversation.

there are so many VERY SUCESSFUL people in
the world who smoke weed and know the TRUTH.

this thread is a fucking Joke.

crimes committed because of booze = out to lunch
crimes committed because of pot = NONE

the op can suck my BANANA
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