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Message Subject Marijuana is no good
Poster Handle A Concerned Canadian
Post Content
Probably no one will listen to this but it's true anyway so here goes.

When people 'do a trip' with acid or mushrooms, they always over do it, i did to, we all wanted to trip good afterall.

However, one time i found a spot on a local golf course that was DRIPPING in liberty cap mushrooms, i had a half hour to pick 'em fast as dark was setting in, so i had a half hour of non stop furious mushy picking, i ended up with bag full, upon getting back home i counted them out roughly in batches of twenty, and i'd picked about 4000 mushies.

I got home and obviously did a big trip, about 50 mushies, however the nausea spoiled it. I dried the rest. gave a few to some friends

Now as the OP states most people don't do trips every day, well i thought i'd do a little experiment on myself, and i did do them every day for about 3 months, not enough to trip though, i was doing about 15 per day (dried) just enough for little tingly feeling, anyway after a few days of doing this, i noticed my thinking had become drastically clarified, i was able to see my psychology and that of others, interelations was massively improved, i could empathise and clearly process comple social situations with ease, i could see right through myself and other people. I stopped taking them for a couple days, and the effect went away and i felt blind again, so i knew it was the mushies, so i started the dosage again, and again my thinking clarified....pure 20/20 vision, in this state i would of made an excellent poker/ chess player, i continued the dose until they run out, and then it happened..... i went into a natural kind of high, i could see myself connected to everything in existence, i could see that everything was a part of me, and everything was interconnected, it was amazing, i tried to explain it to people around me (who seemed asleep almost) but found they were just looking at me like 'oh oh he's lost the plot'......talking at a hundred miles per hour didn't help my plight, i felt on top of the world, however this effect slowly went away after a couple of months :(

Never found a mushie patch like it since, the next year i went back to the same plot, but some golfers chased me off, and destroyed the crop, one of 'em threatened me with (i think) it was a four wood, calling ME a crazy hippy (yeah!! like i'm threatening to smash your head in with a four wood, and you call ME CRAZY?!?!?), upon returning the next year there was nothing, they'd obviously poisoned the ground :(
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 567359


And why would you want to give yourself food poisoning?

I guess for the trip eh lol
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