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Two Different Versions of Bird Strike Angle from Same News Source

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United States
01/18/2009 12:40 PM
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Two Different Versions of Bird Strike Angle from Same News Source
(see my other post, "Two Things About the Hudson River Plance Crash that Bother Me")...

The NY Post has two differing versions of the "bird strike":

Fri. Jan. 16, from article on page 4:

"US Airways Flight 1549 took off at 3:26 pm and was just five miles from LaGuardia when the plane hit the birds, knocking out power to one engine, a source said.

As the pilot turned toward Teterboro Airport, where he hoped to make an emergency landing, the plane experience a second "bird strike" - losing power in its remaining engine."

There is an accompanying map of the timeline of events on the next page that shows the turn towards Teterboro happened one minute after the first bird strike. So according to this story, there were TWO SEPARATE STRIKES. (And note the paper put the words "bird strike" in quotations)


Sun. Jan. 18, from article on page 9, explaining how pilot Sullenberger "saw his window covered with big, dark brown birds" :

"Sullenberger took control as the Airbus 320 with 155 people on board, rammed into the birds with a loud thump and immediately lost power in both engines."

So according to this story, both engines were knocked out right away with ONE strike.

So, which was it?????