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Message Subject THE MOST PERFECT CRIME EVER COMMITTED:The Sinking Of The Titanic 1912, Created To Be A Tomb For The Wealthy Opposing The Federal Reserve Act 1913
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You a naval architect?

Yes. And the 1998 article on Titanic's steel you submitted has since been disproven, based on an investigation of the iceberg damage on the wreck via ultrasound. What they found was that the hull plates had been bent inward, causing rivets to pop at the seams, which admitted seawater and doomed the ship. In other words, although steel of this composition becomes brittle at low temps, it didn't fracture in the iceberg collision, which is amazing, actually.
 Quoting: Steve 786621

It's already been shown though that those rivets were sub- industry standard junk. They were placed along the bow section of the outer hull, stretching the first 5 watertight compartments. 5 flooded compartments on Titanic equaled doom. After that they transition to steel. It could have been a designed crumple zone. Murdoch should have rammed the berg. Instead he dragged the berg straight across this designed weak spot.

His behavior, along with Capt. Smith's that night, was very strange.

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