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Message Subject casting Jesus in films, costume & historical errors
Poster Handle inca=chinitial
Post Content
Robert Powell talking about his eyes :

ĎI wore nothing at all on my eyes. All actors discover over the years things that work and donít work, physical attributes that can be a help to you and the ones that arenít. And I found out fairly early on that I was able to express a great deal through my eyes alone. But I did something in that which Iím not aware of having done before. Iím not even sure now how it came about, but I discovered that with a little practice I could keep my eyes open without blinking for anything up to three or four minutes. So I donít think at any point in the film do I blink. One had to find technical ways, coldly and consciously, of expressing something different. Iím a mere mortal and I just grasped at anything to make me slightly apart from the other actors. By keeping the gaze not as a stare but just steady, it was possible to sustain a thread between me and the camera, a thread which would be broken if I blinked for only a fraction of a second. And by maintaining that thread, the eyes become virtually hypnotic for the audience. Thatís all it is. Itís a trick.í
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