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Message Subject casting Jesus in films, costume & historical errors
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In a would-be film:

Except a silent movie and "Genesis Project, Luke" with Brian Deacon as Christ, all films ignore TRANSFIGURATION. This shouldn't be overlook specially 'cos Christ promised to his 3 favorite disciples they would witness the Kingdom of God a week earlier and a cloud appears along with Moses and Eliah (who performed wonders like Christ, were 40 days in the desert like Christ, Moses' body dissapeared near Nebo mountain and Eliah dissapeared in a charriot and horses made of fire not too far away from there). This should be like a Pink Floyd live concert colorful experience stoner neither Peter nor John ever forgot!

All films commit the same mistake: they are eager to transform Christ into a Christian preacher delivering his utterances like them which is a caricature of the truth and in a couple of hours they want to repeat all sayings Christ did in 3 years!!!!!! NOP, PLEASE! A guru, a master whose words were remembered had to talk in such a way they get into the heart of the people and all of them talk using pauses, like Krishnamurti, like Osho, like Hindu masters, like probably Taoist Lao Tse dweeb or Siddartha Gautama Buda probably did. Hands gestures are important and not just walking in the field and talking. Maybe they can VISUALIZE the parables simultaneously with real scenes.

The EYES are very important and the Scripture mentions several times Christ stared people straight. Instead of repeating over and over the whole Sermon of the Mountain why directors and writers don't focus in all sayings that are rarely mentioned? Specially the ones which could be applied into present day circumstances. Christ's words could be the same but script writer could change the circumstances. A good example was in Zeffirelli's job when the parable of the prodigal son is applied in such a way, Christ uses it to get together Matthew and Peter which is not mentioned in the Bible. If Luke did "edit" Matthew account considering the Master repeated the same things many times, we CAN do the same.

Again and again they use the tradition of Christ being a carpenter when the Greek word used is "tekton" from which the word "architect" comes from. He was a MASON working with stones and wood was seldom used unless he repaired boats. From all 48 parables THERE'S NONE talking about carpenter skills but indeed there's a statement about building houses in solid ground and the sui generis account in Greek literature mixing a measurement of SPACE (height) with TIME (human lifespan) which is as ESOTERIC like the sayings about illuminating the EYE (in singular, not in plural) which keeps all body enlighted. To pay attention in the NOW rather than speculating about the future. This sounds like VEDANTA talking Christians ignore 'cos the same usual preaching and superficial has been repeated over and over and over. Why don't use Thomas Gospel which is considered more authentic with the expressions admitting women have to be transformed into man or Christ calls God both Father ABBA and Mother AMMA?

In The Greatest Story Ever Told we see a wonderful scene where Max Von Sidow preaches about being The Light and uses a torch like everybody else. The fact is that talking was in the temple alright but with MASSIVE MENORAH CHANDELLERS.

Some things have to be corrected, for instance that saying it's easier for a camel to pass through the hole of the needle than a rich man get into God's kingdom. It's already known that was a Greek mistranslation of a single letter, confusing "camel" (kaunlov) with "rope" (kauilov), hence it's easier for a rope to get into the hole of the needle and not a camel!!!!!

Another example is that aweful word "repent cos the kingdom of God is near" since we know in Aramaic that "repent" was "teshuvah" meaning LISTEN, GET BACK TO YOURSELF which is not to repent from a specific greedy or any other action which anyways we repeat over and over: but a change in the life of a person, adquire consciousness. It was never a burden to be sorry for, it's just like Prodigal Son who went away from the Path and get back to his senses. That kingdom of God is 'among you' grouphug should be WITHIN you with a Christ fingering someone's heart because that was Greek original word "entos humoon".

Why don't focus in landscapes and the waves of the sea with more detail?

I think The Greatest Story Ever Told is excellent in portraying a Christ that performed miracles in the people who had faith and usually in the churches don't want to enhance the chapter in Mark where it says Christ COULDN'T PERFORM MIRACLES in his town due to the unfaithful attitude of his country fellow men. In Zeffirelli we see Christ curing a blind man making mud in his hand but we should see the hypnotizer and miracle man doing at least 2 miracles with mud that was made WITH HIS OWN SALIVA and that is something the audience could be shocked but it's part of the Scripture many people are unaware 'cos they simply haven't read!!!!!!It would be good if writers take a look at the Bible, when Eliah and other prophet ressurected people: there was a rite like walking several times spinning around the corpse and lay down upon their bodies, touching lips and eyes. Perhaps Christ did the same after he closed the door and resurrected a girl only in the presence of some of his disciples and the parents.

Gospel of John with that Peruvian/Scottish actor Ian Cusick, Jeremy Sisto Jesus tv series and Genesis, Project Luke and Gospel According to Matthew with Enrique Irazoqui, all 4 show Christ walking on water but it's a good scene to repeat again.

When Christ wrote something on the ground (when the woman was going to be stoned) it's needed to reveal to the audience it was forbbiden even to write 2 letters UNLESS they were made with dust meaning Christ knew their traditions and defied them. One Pharisee or scribe should mention that in a scene like that and it has to be written by script writer who knows. At least in a couple of films we watch he is drawing a fish (equivalent of his name in Greek). Nop! He was probably writing the magic name of God and the pronunciation which is the biggest secret of Judaism! He could write the name in vertical manner in Hebrew or Paleo-Hebrew Phoenician better.

When Christ is talking about Pharisees clothes (which used at least 18 pieces) we have never seen him actually revealing those things Christians usually ignore. Maybe Christ could actually show them to his audience (and the viewers of a film):the box they enlarged with the scriptures, the ropes they tied to the arms or mayble holding the schawl in purple or blue. It's more dramatic if those words go along with showing them because it will remember the Protestants wearing necktie and suits or Catholic & Greek popeOrthodox priests (not to mention modern religious Jews) who wear those things NOW to give an appearence of neatness, false morality façade or dedication.

The BAPTISM had to be shown as it was, not just a rite but a process to rise again after dying, that is John the Baptist almost DROWNING the receiver of the Holy Ghost like in the scene of the schizophrenic guy in THE CELL in a Christian rite. Not just merely sparkling some drops of water on people's heads.

Except Gibson's Passion, the movement of the camera sucks in these kind of productions. Now they know better.

Is it possible the producers and directors ignore color WHITE was forbidden by Pharisees and was used mainly to mourn the dead ones? That's a big mistake they make specially in The Greatest Story Ever Told and Jeremy Sisto's tv series. King of Kings and Passion of the Christ and even Zeffirelli were better 'cos they depicted brownish and reddish clothes. Yet Zeffirelli shows women in black mourning Lazarus. People very often lack money to dye their clothes.

Don't hire actors with 2 weeks beards! Beards were important and had to be treated with respect and honour. That's an error when we see Thomas and Barrabas in Zeffirelli's work or even Christ in Gospel of Matthew made by Piero Paolo Pasolini. And yet that film is good presenting AMATEUR people as extras, ugly people with aweful teeth as probably they were 2.000 years ago. It gives authenticity we rarely see except in films like The Name of the Rose in which Annauk hired the most ugly possible people.

It's really sad, Christians ignore Judaism. For instance, rather than watching Satan dressed in black Armani modern suit as we see tempting Jeremy Sisto/Jesus, why don't focus in Apocalypse 12 admitting the same thing mentioned in Genesis 3: Satan is a dragon-snake. As a matter of fact in Hebrew this was not a literal snake as we see in John Huston's The Bible...in the beginning, but it was a SERAPHIM (not arcangel as we see in The Last Temptation of Christ). This interdimensional 6-winged snake dragon apparently was changed into a lesser entity called cherubim. Christians imagine a cherubim like a baby with butterfly wings or long hair androgynous boy/girl. If you read Ezekiel you will understand a cherubim is a hybrid HUMANIMAL with 4 faces in a single head (bull-lion-man-eagle) as in all civilizations. In that sense, or you put that monster like ghost in the Temptation or a beautiful person or use animals like lions (read Mark account) as they did in The Last Tempation of Christ with those wonderful scenes in the desert like a true YOGUI. After all Essenes did a hole in the ground and sat there to meditate as well so it's not too far from the truth. Christ enjoyed to isolate and meditate and we don't see that often in the films. They just insist on preaching!
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